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Selected Published Books and Chapters

  • Reardon, T., K.Z. Chen, B. Minten, and L. Adriano. 2012. The Quiet Revolution in Staple Food Value Chains in Asia: Enter the Dragon, the Elephant, and the Tiger. Asian Development Bank and IFPRI, December.
  • Haggblade, S., P. Hazell, T. Reardon (eds.). 2007. Transforming the Rural Nonfarm Economy: Opportunities and Threats in the Developing World, Johns Hopkins University Press. October. (Hardcover and paperback)
  • Reardon, T., C.P. Timmer. 2007. Transformation of Markets for Agricultural Output in Developing Countries Since 1950: How Has Thinking Changed? ch.55 in R. Evenson, P. Pingali (eds). Handbook of Agricultural Economics, 3: Agricultural Development: Farmers, Farm Production and Farm Markets. Elsevier: 2808-55.

Selected Published Guest-Edited Special Issues of Journals

  • Reardon, T., C.B. Barrett, J.A. Berdegué, and J.F.M. Swinnen. (Guest Editors), 2009. “Agrifood Industry Transformation and Farmers in Developing Countries”, World Development, 37(11), November.
  • Davis, B., P. Winters, T. Reardon, and K. Stamoulis. (Guest Editors). 2009. “Rural Nonfarm Employment and Farming: Household-level Linkages,” Agricultural Economics 40(2).

Selected Recent Articles

  • Adjognon, S.G., LSO Liverpool-Tasie, T. Reardon. 2016. Agricultural input credit in Sub-Saharan Africa: Telling myth from facts. Food Policy, October.  Article in press.
  • Lu, L., T. Reardon, D. Zilberman. 2016. Supply Chain Design &Adoption of Indivisible Technology. American Journal of Agricultural Economics, 98(5):1419-31.
  • Du, X., L. Lu, T. Reardon, and D. Zilberman. 2016. “The economics of agricultural supply chain design: A portfolio selection approach,” American Journal of Agricultural Economics, 98(5): 1377–88.
  • Reardon, T. 2015. The Hidden Middle: The Quiet Revolution in the Midstream of Agrifood Value Chains in Developing Countries. Oxford Review of Economic Policy. 31(1), Spring: 45-63.
  • Hernandez, R.A., J.A. Berdegué, T. Reardon. 2015. Modernizing Wholesalers and Guava Farmers in Mexico. Agricultural Economics, 46(S), Nov.: 41–52.
  • Tschirley, D., T. Reardon, M. Dolislager, J. Snyder. 2015. The Rise of a Middle Class in Urban and Rural East and Southern Africa: Implications for Food System Transformation. Journal of International Development, 27(5), July: 628-646.
  • Reardon, T., C.P. Timmer. 2014. Five Inter-Linked Transformations in the Asian Agrifood Economy: Food Security Implications. Global Food Security. 3(2): 108-117.
  • Reardon, T., KZ Chen, B. Minten, L. Adriano, TA Dao, J. Wang, S. Das Gupta. 2014. The Quiet Revolution in Asia’s Rice Value Chains. Annals of the New York Academy ofSciences, 1331: 106–118.
  • Yang, J., Z. Huang, X. Zhang, T. Reardon. 2013. The Rapid Rise of Cross-Regional Agricultural Mechanization Services in China. American Journal of Agricultural Economics. 95(5), October: 1245-1251.
  • Reardon, T., C.P. Timmer, B. Minten. 2012. The Supermarket Revolution in Asia and Emerging Development Strategies to Include Small Farmers. PNAS: Proceedings of the National Academy of Science of the USA. 109(31), July 31: 12332-12337.
  • Reardon, T., CP Timmer. 2012. The Economics of the Food System Revolution. Annual Review of Resource Economics. 14: 225-264.
  • Gómez, M., C. Barrett, L. Buck, H. De Groote, S. Ferris, H. Gao, E. McCullough, D. Miller, H. Outhred, A. Pell, T. Reardon, M. Retnanestri, R. Ruben, P. Struebi, J. Swinnen, M. Touesnard, K. Weinberger, J. Keatinge, M. Milstein, R. Yang. 2011. Research Principles for Developing Country Food Value Chains. Science. 332(6034), 3 June: 1154-1155.
  • Minten, B., T. Reardon, R. Sutradhar. 2010. Food Prices and Modern Retail: The case of Delhi. World Development, 38(12): 1775-1787.
  • Haggblade, S., P. Hazell, T. Reardon. 2010. The Rural Nonfarm Economy: Prospects for Growth and Poverty Reduction. World Development. 38(10): 1429–1441
  • Reardon, T., C. Barrett, J. Berdegué, J. Swinnen. 2009. Agrifood Industry Transformation and Farmers in Developing Countries. World Development. 37(11): 1717-1727.
  • Neven, D., M. Odera, T. Reardon, H. Wang. 2009. Kenyan Supermarkets and Emerging Middle-Class Horticultural Farmers, and Employment Impacts on Rural Poor. World Development. 37(11): 1802-11.
  • Henson, S., T. Reardon. 2005. Private agri-food standards: Implications for food policy and the agri-food system. Food Policy, 30(3), June: 241-253.
  • Reardon, T., C.P. Timmer, C. Barrett, J. Berdegue. 2003. The Rise of Supermarkets in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. American Journal of Agricultural Economics, 85(5), Dec.: 1140-1146.
  • Barrett, C.B., T. Reardon, P. Webb. 2001. Nonfarm Income Diversification and Household Livelihood Strategies in Rural Africa: Concepts, Dynamics and Policy Implications. Food Policy, 26(4), August: 315-331.
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