Board of Advisors

Shortly after its creation, a Board of Advisors was established to assist in providing oversight for QFC activities.  The purpose of the BOA is to (1) make annual recommendations on the prioritization of QFC activities; (2) serve as liaison between the QFC and its supporting partners for identifying research, teaching, and outreach needs; (3) annually review and evaluate the accomplishments of the QFC and recommend changes to improve future performance; and (4) provide an annual review report and evaluation to the Council of Lake Committees and to the Chair of the Department of Fisheries and Wildlife at Michigan State University.  The Board consists of representatives from the major supporting partners of the QFC: Michigan State University, Michigan Department of Natural Resources, Great Lakes Fishery Commission, and the Council of Lake Committees.  Current members of the Board are

Council of Lake Committees
Mr. Bill Mattes – Great Lakes Indian Fish and Wildlife Commission
Mr. Brian Locke – Lake Erie Management Unit, Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry

Great Lakes Fishery Commission
Dr. John Dettmers (BOA Chair)– Great Lakes Fishery Commission (BOA Chair)
Dr. Roy Stein – Department of Evolution, Ecology and Organismal Biology, The Ohio State University (retired)

Michigan Department of Natural Resources
Mr. Jim Dexter (BOA Vice Chair)– Fisheries Division, Michigan Department of Natural Resources
Mr. Gary Whelan – Fisheries Division, Michigan Department of Natural Resources

Michigan State University
Dr. William Taylor – Department of Fisheries and Wildlife, Michigan State University
Dr. Doug Buhler – AgBioResearch, Michigan State University