Plant Science Greenhouse Expansion and Renovation

Michigan State University is a world-renowned leader in plant science research. The MSU campus includes roughly 90,000 square feet of greenhouse space, critical for the continued pursuit of answers to questions around food, health and the environment.

Objective: Renovation and addition of plant science greenhouses to modernize and expand these facilities that support research, teaching and learning.

MSU is a global leader in plant sciences, supporting agriculture in Michigan and across the globe. This requires the best infrastructure possible. In recent years, MSU has made major investments with the construction of the Molecular Plant Sciences Building and expansion of its growth chamber facilities. While these investments have greatly enhanced our position, parallel investments in our greenhouse facilities remain. Lack of sufficient greenhouse capacity overall and of greenhouses and other environmentally controlled environments with specialized research capacity hampers faculty searches, delays progress on funded grant proposals and limits extramural funding for plant science research at MSU.greenhouse plantings

Current capacity also is not sufficient to facilitate the ongoing switch from model plant systems (suitable for small growth chambers) to agronomic crops that require greenhouses. New state-of-the-art greenhouse space would reduce the pressure on our growth chamber resources. The campus growth chamber users committee recently estimated that additional greenhouse space would immediately release 25-30 percent of the chamber space back to its highest and best use.

The current infrastructure and capacity of the greenhouses limit the university’s ability to meet the needs of the Michigan agricultural community, conduct critical research, and provide high-quality plant science teaching facilities. Approximately two-thirds of the greenhouse facilities were built between 1955 and 1978 and require reinvestment. Furthermore, greenhouse space with necessary capabilities to facilitate research on resilience in agronomic crops and precisely control multiple environmental variables is not currently available on campus.

With state-of-the-art plant science research facilities, MSU has an opportunity to have a major impact on feeding the world in the 21st century and beyond with current codes and provisions for accessibility.

MSU greenhouses to receive upgrades thanks to state funding

Michigan State University is home to world-renowned plant scientists. To maintain this leadership, however, the on-campus greenhouses must be modernized, and MSU has received state funding to do just that.