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4-H Science Blast Activities: Sensory Awareness


May 7, 2020 - Author:

Educational Elements

Key Concept:

Using our senses for greater awareness


Sensory Awareness is a lesson designed to help leaders show youth how to develop a more acute use of their senses. Participants will work as a group and individually to identify objects and smells using more than just one of their senses.

Age Level:

Ages 5 to 9

Life Skills:

Critical thinking, problem solving, learning to learn

Success Indicators:

After participating in this lesson, learners will be able to: 

  • Identify the five major senses we possess as humans. 
  • Explain how we use each sense. 
  • Explain why our senses are important. 
  • List some ways we use our senses.

Materials & Methods

Preparation Time: 15–30 minutes

Lesson Time: 90 minutes

Space: Anywhere


  • Small box such as a shoe box to be used as a touch box (construction directions included), or a thick towel
  • Variety of objects (leaf, acorn, stone, pine cone, stick, marble, eraser, rubber worm, putty, feather, or other objects)
  • Empty film canisters, diabetic test strip canisters (available at hospitals and clinics), or small reclosable plastic bags
  • Various scents (vanilla, perfume, cinnamon, coffee, hunting scents, vinegar, garlic, dried orange peels, rose petals, or other scents)
  • Cotton balls
  • 1 blindfold (one for each participant)
  • Various taste items (optional): candy broken into small pieces (root beer, butterscotch, sour), bitter chocolate, unflavored colored water, salt, vinegar, hot sauce, or other food items

Background Information:

As humans, we rely on our senses for so many things in our daily routines that we often take them for granted and perform tasks without realizing how much we use them throughout the day. Some of our senses are used more regularly than others. For example, our sense of sight might influence whether or not we eat something. If it doesn’t look good, we may not eat it. Consciously using our senses can help us understand how much we rely on them in our daily lives. A greater use and awareness of our senses can help increase our sensitivity to outdoor environments.


Sense – Any of the abilities of the body to become aware of a stimulus including sig


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