4-H Volunteer e-Learning Course

March 30, 2015

The 4-H Volunteer e-Learning Course provides potential volunteers and anyone interested in learning more about 4-H with detailed information about youth development and getting started in 4-H. It is a required training for all new Michigan 4-H volunteers as part of the Volunteer Selection Process and can also be used by experienced volunteers to satisfy leader update requirements or refresh their skills.

To access the training, visit the 4-H Volunteer e-Learning Course portal. Once on the official 4-H volunteer e-learning page, individuals will need to sign in under the appropriate state. They should enter their first and last name and select Michigan from the drop-down menu. The correct password is Volunteer. After typing the password, click the button that says “Login.” 

There are four modules that need to be completed as a part of the 4-H volunteer e-learning course: About 4-H, Youth Development, Leadership and Teaching, and Getting Started in 4-H. The center of the 4-H clover tells participants more about the course. Each module can be completed individually by accessing the menu on the left or by clicking on the appropriate title within the 4-H clover. Each lesson takes approximately twenty minutes to complete. You can advance through the lessons by clicking the yellow button that says “next” or go back by clicking “back” if needed.

Each module has a short quiz that you will need to complete in order to demonstrate proficiency in that section. Once you pass the quiz, you will be taken to a certificate where you can enter your name, county, and share any additional comments you would like. Individuals can print their certificates for each module if they would like them for their portfolios. Once finished, clicking “Submit” will alert Michigan 4-H Youth Development staff that you have completed a section of the 4-H volunteer e-learning course. 

These instructions are also available in a print-ready PDF. 

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