Climate Change and Food Security: Threats and Hopes for Nigeria

June 4, 2018 - Author: and

Climate Change and Food Security: Threats and Hopes for Nigeria
The Republic, June 4, 2018


“Farmers know through experience what our complex climate models and the data are also telling us: the effects of climate change have arrived in Nigeria, the country with the world’s fastest growing population, which is already struggling to feed itself. As scientists (an ecologist and an economist) working with the USAID-funded Feed the Future Nigeria Agricultural Policy Project, we are working with farmers, policy makers, and other stakeholders to understand and propose solutions to address the numerous impacts of climate change on Nigerian agriculture and food security. These impacts are more diverse and insidious than one might realize at first, and the task is daunting. Through collaboration, shared learning, and developing a broad arsenal of solutions, we believe progress can be made.”

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Laura Schmitt Olabisi

Laura Schmitt Olabisi

Saweda Liverpool-Tasie

Saweda Liverpool-Tasie

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