Results page of the corn picker for silage decision tool

Corn Picker for Silage


June 28, 2021 - Michael Allen, Retired MSU Distinguished Professor, Jon LaPorte,

CornPicker for Silage is an Excel spreadsheet developed by Dr. Mike Allen, a retired faculty member of the Department of Animal Science and University Distinguished Professor.  The Excel tool is designed for versions 2002 or later that calculates a partial budget for the effect of a change in corn hybrids for silage on farm profits.  This comparison is comprised of one hybrid (Challenger) to another (Defender, your current favorite, or a reference standard).  The calculations include only those costs and returns that change in response to the corn hybrids being compared and ignores those that are not affected.  Input variables include data about the specific hybrids and the individual farm, as well as market information that varies over time.  The output is an estimate of the profitability of one hybrid compared to another.


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