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Crafts Around the World Series: Origami 4-H Clover


March 16, 2020 - Author: Janis Brinn,

Enjoy learning how to make simple crafts from seven continents: Africa, Antarctica, Europe, Asia, Australia, North America & South America.


Introduce youth to some simple cultural traditional crafts from around the world.  Journey around seven continents, learning how to make simple crafts and having fun creating.


Learn the cultural history and origins of the craft.

Find the country on a map and/or globe.

Develop fine motor skills in paper folding.

Increase cultural awareness and creativity.

Education Standards:

Understand the visual arts in relation to history and culture.

Apply geometric methods to solve design problems.

Experiential Learning:

Create a new shape folding paper.

Use these phrases:

  • Do it, What happened, What’s important, So What, Now What?


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