This image shows the front cover of the Crop Budget Estimator Tool factsheet.

Crop Budget Estimator Factsheet


July 7, 2021 - <>,

The Microsoft Excel based tool is built around key areas that producers need to consider as they plan for and continually evaluate their growing season. It combines in one place:

  • Marketing Goals
  • Yield Goals
  • Detailed Chemical Planning
  • Detailed Fertilizer Planning
  • Break-Evens of:
    • Net Farm Income
    • Cash Flow
    • Net Worth
    • Economic Profitability.

The Estimator Tool is only as useful to the producer as the information that they put into it. Using their own farm records, they can build a budget that is used for Marketing decisions, comparing Chemistry and Fertilizer programs recommended by crop nutritionists and advisors, evaluating Capital Purchases (i.e. a new tractor or combine), and other important management decisions for their farm.

These management decisions are broken into four key areas:

  • Net Returns
  • Financial Scorecard
  • Break-Evens
  • Fertility Program.



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