Current Exhibitions: Timothy Orikri

August 5, 2022

Timothy Orikri and RichardTurbin at Windwalker

To me, a true work of art can be described as a juxtaposition of complexity and simplicity. Art must be filled with strong emotional content and be based on the perception, expectations and experiences of the artist. I always make every effort to create my paintings based on these three concepts, but most especially, art must be timeless, with as much intrinsic relevance in today’s world as in the future.

The most obvious attribute of my work is the use of color as a means of expression. In addition, I enhance the color content of each canvas with touches of light and shadows by using texture and three-dimensional forms to add emphasis to the desired effect. For the most part, I rely on colors as a major element in projecting the emotional content in my works. One of the major objectives in creating my paintings is in my desire to fulfill an emotional response, rather than focusing on the subject matter.

I always choose to present my work in strong, bold colors, with an overall reliance on lines and forms to give it its distinctive nature. Through the use of these colors and forms, the subject is transformed into its essential, formative concepts, both of simple and complex nature.

As an artist I am constantly searching for diverse formats to express myself. This search has not only enabled me to create artworks that are unique and relevant to modern trends, but has also enhanced my aspiration of being innovative and resourceful, by creating imaginative, thought-provoking pieces.

I work with a variety of media, ranging from watercolor and acrylics to oil. I tend to apply mixed media, which provides a unique surface quality to my work. The textures are derived from a careful selection of porous and lightweight items, which include found objects such as matchsticks, wooden craft materials, tree bark, toothpicks, shoestrings, buckles, strips of leather, fabric, corrugated paper, sawdust, seashells, buttons, strings, burlap, papier-mache, dried fruits and feathers. On a larger scale, I also paint on surfaces such as prepared leather, vinyl, and hand-woven canvas.

It has always been my desire that every piece of art I create will portray the qualities that will enlighten, deepen and ultimately enrich the human race. My aspiration is that my art will contribute to the creation of a better world for all to enjoy.

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