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Extension Extras Social Emotional Health Enrichment Kit Welcome Letter


July 21, 2020 -

Michigan State University Extension is excited to partner with your agency or group to create social-emotional learning kits for the families you serve.

The Extension Extras Social Emotional Health Enrichment Kit is focused on the supporting the development of children's critical social and emotional skills such as emotional literacy, self-concept and self-control. MSU Extension has provided the following items as a digital resource for you to download and print.

  • An introduction letter to families to the kit and the activities.
  • Five social and emotional health focused children's activities.
  • Supplemental materials that are needed for some kit activities.
  • A supply list for all of the activities for your convenience as you assemble the kits.
  • An evaluation link so families can share their experiences with the kits as well as their county of residence and zip code.

Your group or agency print the handouts and materials from the provided digital packet and assemble the kits utilizing the supply list as a guide.

Social-Emotional Learning

Social-emotional learning is critical to a child’s development. Skills such as naming feelings, coping with emotions, using self-control, and solving problems are all skills important to school and life success! The
activities in this kit will each target a specific area of social and emotional development, providing information and practice in a fun and interactive way.

Literacy Development

Literacy development is a component of every learning experience with children. The Extension Extra activities have embedded literacy components. When you have conversations with their child about the activities, read the books together, and extend the concepts beyond the activities to other parts of your day, they are providing children rich literacy experiences. Children will learn new vocabulary, concepts, have engaging and thoughtful conversations, and interact with various books and printed activities through completing the activities in this kit.


Evaluations are a critical component of our work at MSU Extension as we seek to determine whether our
programs and resources are meeting the needs of families. We ask that each family who receives a kit
please fill out an evaluation. The evaluation can be found at The evaluation link is included in the welcome letter to parents.

Please contact Carrie Shrier ( or Courtney Aldrich ( with any questions.

This material was funded in part by a grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture National Institute of Food and Agriculture. The grant was received under award number 2016-41520-255-64, a part of the children, Youth and Families at risk program.


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