Focus on precision: Technology that pays


July 26, 2019

MSU Agriculture Innovation Day

When: July 26, 2019

Where: Michigan State University Farms, 3750 N. College Rd., Lansing, Michigan

In 2019, producers will gather at MSU Farms in Lansing, Michigan, where experts from throughout the country will detail how implementing technology that aids in decision-making can improve yields, increase profit margins and reduce environmental impacts.

The free event, which runs from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., features nine field-based sessions focused on specific technological aids that will assist producers in making farm technology goals.

  • Smart Ag: Where Is It Going?
  • There's an Ag App for That
  • Precision Soil Sampling: Every Farm Needs It!
  • Remote Sensing to Develop a Prescription Map
  • Planter Calibration: Seed Placement Pays
  • The Art and Science of Writing a Variable Rate Seeding Prescription
  • Yield Monitor Data and Proper Calibration: A Four-Step Process
  • Feeding Crops with Sensor-Based Variable Rate Nitrogen Technology
  • Using the Michigan EnviroImpact Tool when Applying Manure

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