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Frogeye Leaf Spot Survey Form


September 16, 2021

MSU is conducting a study to better understand the prevalence and distribution of strobilurin resistance in frogeye leaf spot. We are asking for your help in collecting samples of frogeye leaf spot from across Michigan. Please send your samples to the Chilvers lab at MSU to help us answer critical questions surrounding frogeye leaf spot management.

Name and email of person submitting this sample:


Where was this sample collected (nearest town)?


What is the fungicide use history where this sample was collected?


What fungicide application(s) were made during the current growing season where this sample was collected (product and rate)?


To send samples, collect about 5 leaves with frogeye leaf spot symptoms and allow them to air dry in a paper bag. Once the leaves are dry, the fungi in them will be relatively stable. Samples can be shipped via regular mail to:

Chilvers lab
Attn: Frogeye project
578 Wilson Road, CIPS 107
East Lansing, MI 48824
Phone: 517-353-9967

Thank you for your participation!

- Field Crop Pathology lab at MSU


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