Funnel Web Spider

Funnel web spider (Cicuria sp.)

This species is common in open fields and around buildings. Most funnel web spiders construct sheet-like webs with a funnel or tunnel-like retreat located at one end. Above the sheet, the spider spins an irregular network of silk, which functions to knock flying insects from air into the sheet below. When the prey lands on the sheet, the spider makes a lightning fast move to capture it. The webs are often constructed in corners of buildings or on grass. These spiders are not considered dangerous, but like other large spiders, they will bite in self-defense if handled roughly. They are not often found indoors. Perimeter treatments of insecticide (such as Bayer Advanced Garden) around the outside of the home will help prevent these spiders from entering.

Be sure to read and follow all instructions and safety precautions found on the label before using any pesticide.

Funnel Spider in web or hole
Funnel Spider in web / hole
Funnel web spider closeup
Funnel web spider (Cicuria sp.) closeup
Web created by Funnel web spider to capture prey
Web created by Funnel web spider (Cicuria sp.) to capture prey

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