Genetic Relationships among Smelt, Genus Osmerus


April 11, 2016 - Author: James E. Luey, <>, Donald R. Schreiner

Journal or Book Title: Copeia

Volume/Issue: 1982/3

Page Number(s): 725-728

Year Published: 1982

The genus Os­merus is represented by anadromous and land­ locked forms in the Pacific, Arctic and Atlantic oceans and their drainages. Despite numerous efforts to clarify taxonomy within the genus in­ cluding a systematic revision of the Osmeridae (McAllister, 1963), the relationships remain ob­ scure. McAllister ( 1963) divided Osmerus into a European 0. eperlanus eperlanus and an Arctic, Pacific and western Atlantic 0. e. mordax, but indicated that should sympatric noninterbreed­ ing populations of these two subspecies be found, it would be necessary to consider them full species.

Type of Publication: Journal Article



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