Great Lakes Fisheries Policy & Management


August 20, 2014 - Edited by William W. Taylor, Abigail J. Lynch and Nancy J. Leonard

Journal or Book Title: Great Lakes Fisheries Policy & Management

Page Number(s): 834

Year Published: 2012

To maintain thriving, sustainable fisheries in the Laurentian Great Lakes, an understanding of the numerous and complex ecological, societal, economic, management, and policy issues surrounding them is critical. This incisive study provides a collaborative, interjurisdictional, and multi-use perspective that is shaped by the United states and Canada together as part of their shared governance of these waters. This book offers an informed look at the Great Lakes fisheries and their ecosystems, as the contributors examine both the threats they have faced and the valuable opportunities they provide for basin citizens and industries. Divided into four sections—the Great Lakes region, Great Lakes Fisheries, Fisheries case studies, and outlook for the Future—this is a valuable and up-to-date tool for students, researchers, policymakers, and managers alike.

DOI: ISBN 978-1-61186-024-5

Type of Publication: Book

Editor(s): William W. Taylor; Abigail J. Lynch; Nancy J. Leonard

Publisher: Michigan State University Press



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