Reduced Oxygen Packaged HACCP Plans - raw, frozen or cooked, non-cured meat and poultry


March 10, 2020


  1. Facility - insert name and address
  2. Other retail facilities, farmer markets, etc. – insert name and location(s)
  3. Type of food(s) - Modify list to delete or include any other product you ROP not on the list Note: Do not include fish or cheese products (separate plans are available)
  4. Labels of products – to save typing ingredient list, place copy of label(s) on blank paper and include sheet(s) with plan
  5. Process Flow diagram - Review and confirm; modify as needed
  6. Facility Layout - provide layout and show product flow or reference Specialized Retail Meat Processing Variance Facility Layout
  7. Equipment used - Add or delete equipment used, as needed
  8. Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) – a. Modify SOP’s if your process is different. b. On Cooked plan select Cooking and Cooling reference
  9. Train employees on use of vacuum packaging machine, how to prevent cross contamination between raw and cooked product, how and when to properly clean vacuum packaging machine
  10. Document employee training
  11. Print, read, instruct employees and have plan and associated documents available
  12. Complete record each operating day and have on file


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