Inheritance of microsatellite loci in the polyploid lake sturgeon (Acipenser fulvescens)


April 11, 2016 - Jonathan D. Pyatskowit, <>, Harold L. Kincaid, Bernie May

Journal or Book Title: Genome

Keywords: diploid; tetraploid; octoploid; meiotic drive

Volume/Issue: 44

Page Number(s): 185-191

Year Published: 2001

Inheritance in the expression of amplicons for four microsatellite primer pairs was determined using 10 families created from gametes of wild lake sturgeon (Acipenser fulvescens). Loci Afu34 and Afu68 expressed a maximum of two even-intensity bands per individual and had progeny genotype ratios that fit disomic inheritance (P > 0.05). Some variation exhibited at Afu34 and Afu68 was attributable to a allele. Genotype expression at both loci also indicated that one female parent had transmitted unreduced gametes. Primer Afu39 amplified products that exhibited four gene doses, where genotype counts fit expected ratios for disomic inheritance (P > 0.05) indicating amplification of products from two disomic loci that share alleles. Meiotic drive was evident at the Afu39 loci based on a test for random segregation (P < 0.05). Only the expression of Afu19 gave evidence of tetrasomic inheritance based on a single progeny potentially produced by a double reduction gamete. No evidence for proposed octoploid inheritance was observed.Key words: diploid, tetraploid, octoploid, meiotic drive.

DOI: 10.1139/gen-44-2-185

Type of Publication: Journal Article



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