Integrated Weed Management: Fine Tuning the System (E3065)

October 28, 2015 - Author: Erin Taylor

Similar to “One Year’s Seeding…” this new guide does not provide detailed management plans. Each chapter looks at how different cultural and management practices affect weeds. Our goal was to go one step beyond compiling written information from researchers and extension personnel to also include input from experienced growers through featured crop rotations, profiles, and the on-farm trials. The chapters in “Fine Tuning” include: complex crop rotations, cover crop systems, manure and compost, flaming, grazing and other biological controls, weed thresholds, on-farm weed management trials, and 14 new weed profiles.


Tags: agriculture, field crops, lawn & garden, pest management

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Agriculture, Integrated Pest Management, Field Crops, Lawn & Garden

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