Live cycles, drift, and standing stocks of some stoneflies (Insecta: Plecoptera)from streams in Minnesota, U.S.A.

January 1, 1981 - Author: Charles C. Krueger; Edwin F. Cook

Journal or Book Title: Hydrobiologia

Volume/Issue: 83

Page Number(s): 85-92

Year Published: 1981

From analyses of monthly length frequency distributions of stonefly (Plecoptera) nymphs from stream riffles, two types of univoltine life cycles (Hynes 1961, classification) were observed: slow seasonal for Isoperla transmarina, Isoperla signata, Isogenoides olivaceus, and Allocapnia rickerii, and fast seasonal for Prostoia similis. The Perlodidae stoneflies (Isoperla and Isogenoides) showed greatest propensities to drift near the end of their life cycles. Drift rates of the other two species of stoneflies were correlated to standing stock estimates.

DOI: 0018-8158/81/0831-0085

Publisher: Dr W. Junk Publishers, The Hague

Tags: center for systems integration and sustainability


Charles Krueger

Charles Krueger

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