Planning and Zoning*A*Syst. #8: Community Planning & Zoning Audit, Site Plan Review (E3058)


June 1, 2016 - Author: , Kurt Schindler, Jasneet Sharma

The Community Planning and Zoning Audit is a comprehensive assessment of local government planning and zoning in Michigan. It covers basic topics and practices that members of every local planning and zoning entity should understand and should be doing. Each chapter of the Community Planning and Zoning Audit contains key points in the format of questions, checklists, and tables to assess your community’s land use planning and zoning, including the adoption and amendment process, day-to-day administration and record keeping, and decision making about special land uses, planned unit developments, and site plan reviews. This resource was updated Sept. 6, 2018, so please ensure that your copy is up to date. By Brad Neumann, Senior Extension Educator; Kurt H. Schindler, Senior Extension Educator; and Jasneet Sharma, Extension Educator.



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