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Preschool Activity Pages: Scavenger Hunt


March 23, 2021

Preschool Activity Pages

Scavenger Hunt


  • Items to hide (toys, games, clothes, anything you can find in your home)
  • Paper
  • Markers or crayons

Area of School Readiness

Approaches To Learning: According to the Head Start Early Childhood Learning & Knowledge Center, approaches to learning refers to how children learn or the behaviors and skills that children need to have in order to be able to learn. These skills include both emotional and cognitive self-regulation, initiative and curiosity and creativity.

Purpose of the Activity

Initiative and Curiosity: Your child will practice curiosity by showing interest in the world around them to find the items on their scavenger hunt.

Cognitive Self-Regulation: Your child will practice self-regulation by practicing focusing and paying attention on the task of finding the missing items. 


  1. Collect items for the activity.
  2. Using the paper and markers or crayons, draw a picture of each item that you will be hiding.
  3. Ask your child to leave the room or close their eyes and then hide each item.
  4. Once items are hidden, have your child choose one of the pictures, indicating the item they are trying to find.
  5. Help them search for the item by providing clues, etc.
  6. Once it is found, have your child select another picture to find a different item.
  7. Repeat until all items are found.
  8. Switch roles and let your child hide the items for you to find.
  9. Enjoy the fun!


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