Regulatory Pest Management

June 15, 2012

Publication information

  • Regulatory pest managementMSU manual number: E-2055
  • Prepared by: MSU Pesticide Safety Education Program and Eric McCumber, Michigan Department of Agriculture
  • Prepares you for: Michigan Category 9 exam on regulatory pests, for government employees only.
  • Date New: January 2006
  • Size: 65 pages, PDF format, 11.2 Mb
  • Cost & availability: The complete text of this manual is available at no charge in a PDF format. See below. 

Regulatory Pest Management, Category 9

  • Whole Manual
  • Contents (title, acknowledgements, introduction included)
  • Chapter 1: Introduction to Regulatory Pest Management
  • Chapter 2: Elements of a Regulatory Program
  • Chapter 3: Laws and Regulations
  • Chapter 4: Using Pesticides in Regulatory Programs
  • Chapter 5: Pests of Concern
  • Answer Key for Review Questions, Glossary, Appendices, Pesticide Emergency Information

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