SAC Meeting Minutes March 2019

March 6, 2019


Staff Advisory Committee

March 6th, 2019

Room 33 Natural Resources Bldg.

11 a.m. – 1 p.m.

Attended: Jan, Bridget, Becca, Sharon, Colin, Sarah, Kevin & Kris

  1. Approve meeting minutes from February 13thAPPROVED
  2. MSU Safe Place CampaignGiven IPF deadline of 3/18, if not ready will go to local vendor.
  3. CAC updateNo update, CAC still working on Community Norms document. Using survey results to help develop.  Kris asked about the Dean’s expectations of the SAC and if we should be coming up with a CN document.  Suggested that we begin working on something.
  4. Anonymous feedback from staffColin will share draft wording that includes (see below); purpose, no feedback unless contact provided; subject to all MSU policies…
  5. Will ask for committee feedback.  Once finalized we will have appropriate folks review before we implement.  Slated for Colin, Sarah and Kris to see responses and Colin will have as a recurring agenda item each month.
  6. Annual Staff Award PresentationPresentations to both Mary Beth Graebert and The Dairy Store were a big hit, nice way to announce the award recipients. All agreed we should continue this practice in the future.  Jan asked about who promotes this College/University wide…will be announced at the awards ceremony in the program.  After program, Kris will get with ANR Communications to be announced in monthly email.  Can also add to HR webpage, possible CABS.
  7. Rescheduled micro-aggression training - March 27th, 1-4 p.m., Room 75 Ag. Hall. Please let Colin know if you are planning to attend.  He will follow up with a reminder as we get closer.
  8. Other colleges potentially forming staff advisory groupsthere has been chatter on the Support Staff Facebook page about other colleges forming staff advisory groups. JMC, LBC, Arts & Letters, Col Eng., Col ED, Col SS in process of forming staff groups to interface with Dean’s. Colin volunteered to reach out to them and offer our group for any help they may need.
  9. Other business
  • Monthly Staffer announcements, someone approached Becca to see if we are still awarding these. Yes, we have missed including them on our agenda.  Bridget will reach out to those that have sent in request to let them know when their person will be awarded as we are currently have nominations out to August 2019. 

January Staffer – Jennifer Miller, Secretary II Center for Regional Food Systems

February Staffer – Janelle Curtis, Office Asst. III SPDC

March Staffer – Jill Selke Grad/Undergrad Sec. SPDC

  • Becca and Sarah still do not have access to the S: share drive

 Continued discussion on SAC coming up with some statements around Community Norms. “This is what is important to Staff”.  Should we have the Dean come to our meeting to speak with us as to his expectations of the committee?  Colin will pull from what the CAC is working on and present at the next meeting, Kris’ suggest we start working on a document.

Adjourned at 11:49 a.m.

Here is the wording we discussed at our meeting today.  I’m open to suggestions about the best way to work on this (e.g. google docs, or Microsoft equivalent?).

  • The purpose of this survey is to provide CANR staff with the opportunity to submit anonymous feedback to the Staff Advisory Committee (SAC) at any time.  Your input will be discussed by the SAC at the next monthly meeting and forwarded to the Dean's office, Extension administration, or others as the committee deems appropriate.
  • This is where CANR Staff may submit ideas, suggestions, feedback, and innovative thoughts surrounding all that we do at MSU! Ideas may also be discussed directly with a SAC member.
  • The SAC cannot respond directly to anonymous feedback because we cannot identify the sender.
  • If you would like a member of the SAC to follow up with you, please include your name and contact information.
  • This survey is subject to all MSU policies, as well as Local, State, and Federal law.  SAC members, like all MSU staff, are mandatory reporters.  Any suspicion or suggestion of relationship violence, stalking, or sexual misconduct will be reported University Police and the Office of Institutional Equity.
  • Any criminal activity


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