SAC Meeting Minutes November 2018

November 7, 2018


Staff Advisory Committee

November 7, 2018

Room 33 Natural Resources Bldg.

**NEW TIME 11:00 am – 1:00 pm **

Attended: Colin, Sarah, Kathryn, Janet, Tristan, Bridget, Sharon & Kris (Kevin & Mackenzie babies)

  1. Approve minutes from October meetingAPPROVED
  2. SAC info sheetsSuggested edits were made to the info sheets, Jan will incorporate the edits and resend out to the committee. Plan to print @200 to have ready to hand out at the All Staff meeting on November 14th.
  3. DEI Advisory Committee memberSarah has contacted both Jennette Riebow who agreed to fill the vacancy left by Ali and has communicated with the DEI Committee who will reach out to Jennette. Ali was part of the IT conversion to a Central University IT Services and felt with that conversion she could no longer represent CANR in this role.  To keep track of terms DEI will provide us with term dates and provide timely notice to fill openings.  Flores Aug 2018 – XXXX, Reibow Nov 2018 – Aug. 2020.
  4. Zone 3 vacancy – Kris will provide a list of staff in Zone 3, will reach out to Tracy L. in Packaging to see if she would be interested. Kris and Colin will follow up on list.
  5. Basketball tickets/gamesKathryn will reach out to Ticket Office, get the registration updated and email after thanksgiving. Sunday 12/30/18 vs Iowa, Monday 1/31/19 vs Penn State…tickets are free to CANR Staff
  6. Big 10 CollaborationKris participated in last phone conversation, both Penn and Iowa State presented their programs. Eventually each University will be asked to present their role and program details major accomplishments, and challenges.  A Collaboration website will be established using “BOX”, Kris is waiting for the link and will share with the committee once it is set up and ask that the whole committee have access.  A summary spreadsheet will be updated with shared information as “U’s” provide their survey information.  Colin asked if there is potential for MSU-wide group – who/where would we start that conversation?  Kris felt if best to go through the current process with our committee and then we can start with Central HR.  Colin added we need to learn more about the others within the group first, how they are formed, best practices, many of the current members are Administrative Level like Kris not staff level and these members do not have Union Representation. Colin – survey - not completed yet, will share with committee once finished for feedback before sending off.
  7. Presidential Search input update 25 people attended the Input Session on October 4, 2018 with the Search Committee members, one BOD was there. They were asked not to share the specifics that were presented during this session.  Kris Hynes, Dean Hendrick and Eileen Gianiodis were also in attendance.  Colin presented a prepared statement (will share with the committee) also shared copies of the leadership development framework that Kris had provided us.  There was a constant emphasis on “culture change and voices being heard”.
  8. Ideas Portal (from October meeting agenda) Increasing staff participation, Make submitting input easier, Web submissionColin will reach out to someone in IT to see what who we can implement a web submission process using our SAC website, similar to what Central HR put out. Kris offered to have Katie continue updates with our website, Jan will also work with Katie to refresh our website, make it more appealing.
  9. Civility/Code of ConductThe Dean is working with Chairs to come up with a document related to behavioral interactions. Kris has a meeting with Suzanne to inquire if we will be doing this for staff as well.  KBS already has a Code of Conduct document they are using as part of their hiring system and is reviewed annually.  Sarah will send out a copy to the committee.  The KBS documents was approved the MSU General Counsel Office. Our committee could begin framework for a staff document after the first of the year.
  10. MSU HR Open enrollment postcard Sarah to provide name of employee who received this card to Kris and she will follow up with Central HR.
  11. November 14 CANR All staff meeting - Dean Hendrick will introduce SAC, please let Kris know if you are attending. College will be sending out a reminder on Monday.
  12. Work, Life Balance Office possible survey - Survey was 4-5 questions. Kris will send out before next meeting.  We can talk about at Dec. meeting.
  13. Prepare memo to Dean about Spring Celebration concernsNo longer needed, there was a debriefing meeting where Kris shared our concerns. Next Spring Celebration tentatively April 25th using the Conservatory in Plant Soil Sci. Bldg.
  14. Add pictures from the farm tour to websitePictures are available on the Share drive


Utilize University Support Staff Facebook page ( ) to publicize Monthly Staffer after they come out in the Dean’s notice.  Kris will have Katie add this to the check list.

Spartan Will Nomination Form – Kris saw this on the Support Staff Facebook page, may be another opportunity to recognize support staff.  Will need to look into what the criteria is.

Send card or email to Kevin birth of baby girl, and Mackenzie new baby due any day

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