Shiawassee County Annual Report: 2023


June 21, 2024

Message from the District Director

MSU Extension offers a broad range of research-based education outreach to county residents. Over this past year, we’ve continued to innovate and have empowered families and individuals to live healthier lives, supported new and local businesses, created opportunities for youth leadership development and career exploration, helped farmers with business management and mental health, and much more.

Our staff live and work alongside county residents, are rooted in community relationships, and are responsive to community needs. Our partnership with you makes all this possible.

On behalf of the MSU Extension team serving Shiawassee County, thank you for another great year. We look forward to your continued support and hope you will be able to join us during one of our upcoming programs.

Mark Rankin, District 9 Director

  • $25,487,509 economic impact
  • 243 Enrolled students
  • $3,263,619
  • Spending with local businesses
  • 2,545 MSU alumni in Shiawassee County
  • $3,766,859 financial aid disbursed
  • 2,723 Youth Participants in 4-H

Health and Nutrition

Michigan State University (MSU) Extension delivers affordable, relevant, evidence-based education to help adults, young people, and families in urban and rural communities be healthy. Programs focus on helping participants gain the skills they need to buy and prepare nutritious, budget-friendly foods; increase their physical activity; breastfeed their babies; and stretch their food dollars.

Throughout the state, community nutrition instructors (CNls) deliver comprehensive, evidence-based programming to SNAP-Ed-eligible participants in their communities. These programs include face-to-face classroom instruction, one-time health presentations or demonstrations, and initiatives that improve the policy, system, or environmental factors of an organization, worksite, or school.

In total, 1,961 participants (n=780 adults; n=1,181 youth) attended either a one-time presentation or a series-based nutrition education program in the 2023 calendar year. Participants in series-based programming were asked to complete a pre-and post-test survey before and after the program, respectively. Only participants who completed both surveys are included in the following outcomes; missing data for each item was excluded case-wise. Students in grades K-2nd were assessed using a Teacher Observation Form at the end of programming.

Senior Project Fresh: Senior Project Fresh adults who participated in the Senior Project Fresh one-time presentation completed a retrospective survey examining the intent to make healthy choices and their confidence in using SPF coupons to purchase fruits and vegetables. Below is a summary of their results:

  • 96% of participants intend to eat more vegetables
  • 92% of participants intend to eat more fruits
  • 97% of participants intend to purchase more fruits and vegetables from vendors
  • 93% of participants had previously visited a farmer's market
  • 97% of participants who previously participated in Senior Project Fresh used all of their coupons

Policy, systems and environmental programming 

In 2023, a total of 233 youth and adults were influenced by eight systems and environmental nutrition and physical activity changes. A total of five needs and readiness assessments were completed with four sites. The nutrition and physical activity changes included:

  • Improved menus/recipes (variety, quality, etc.)
  • Providing opportunities for unstructured physical activity time/free play
  • Incorporation of physical activity into the school day or during classroom-based instruction
  • Using Farm-to-table/use of fresh or local produce
  • Having healthy food/beverage defaults {whole wheat bread, salad, or fruit instead of fries, water instead of soda, etc.)

Children and Youth

4-H is Michigan’s largest youth development organization. Shiawassee County reached over 2,723 youth in some capacity through the year. Whether it be club participation, camp, SPIN clubs, or other 4-H programs. Our 4-H youth livestock, horse, and community service projects provide a great opportunity for them to learn about animal husbandry, veterinary science and giving back to the community. Youths learn valuable life skills like responsibility, record- keeping and budgeting. Shiawassee 4-H also offers opportunities for youth to gain knowledge about dogs, poultry, entomology, photography, theatre, arts, crafts, baking, and more. Our youth are even working with companion animals, learning about what to feed them, how to train them and how to enhance their environment. We look forward to serving our Shiawassee Community and supporting our youth in all future programs.


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