The Art of Research Discovery and Writing Good Articles - VIDEO

October 12, 2018 - Author: Tom Reardon

The Art of Research Discovery and Writing Good Articles (1:17)
A video lecture by T. Reardon for the FSP Nigeria Agricultural Policy Project
October 12, 2018


 See also the 5 Key Points from this lecture (1' video)

Three related discussions by Tom Reardon and Saweda Liverpool Tasie, for the FSP Nigeria Agricultural Policy Project, October 13, 2018

  • Discussion I: How Could You Sell a Research Idea about Nigeria to a Non-Nigerian Reviewer (9'53")
  • Discussion II: What Are Some Ways to Make the Case for your Work's Contributions to the Literature based off of Conventional Wisdoms and Using Factual Questions? (9'37")
  • Discussion III: What Are Some Ways to Apply the Toggle Switch Idea of Shock-Behavior-Outcome to Determine a Good Hypothesis to Test (9'34")


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