Youth for Growth, Transforming Economies through Agriculture

March 29, 2018 - Author: Kwame Yeboah

March 2018
Reuben E. Brigety II and Bobby J. Pittman, Task Force Cochairs
Felix Kwame Yeboah, Principal Author (FSP C4a)

Sponsored by the Chicago Council for Global Affairs




  • Policy recommendations:
    • Commit to a long-term, global food and nutrition strategy
    • Revitalize and recommit to robust support for public-sector agricultural research and development
    • Invest in the human capital development necessary to advance rural youth and to drive agricultural transformation
    • Align programs that foster an enabling environment for business in strategic countrie
  •  Agriculture is the largest employer of the youth labor force.
  • Agriculture productivity will significantly determine the rate of job growth in the off-farm economy.
  • Global population growth is the fastest in regions where threats of food insecurity are the greatest.
  • Youth livelihood in developing economies will largely depend on successful economic transformation of which agriculture is key driver. Successful agricultural and economic transformation will also require strong youth engagement.

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Felix Kwame Yeboah

Felix Kwame Yeboah

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