Youth Development: Older Youth (Ages 15 to 19)

March 27, 2015

This document discusses the physical, cognitive (thinking), social and emotional development of teens aged 15 to 19. Adolescence has been described by some as a time of "storm and stress" and a time where one moment the teen acts as an adult and the next as a child. Teens can be challenging, changing, wonderfully creative and stimulating individuals at this time of their development. It is also a time when a teen’s interest in club or group activities may change. The information in this document can be useful for adult 4-H volunteers and staff who work with 4-H'ers in this age group. (It may also be useful for teens themselves!)

Youth Development: Older Youth (Ages 15 to 19)

Tags: 4-h, 4-h youth mentoring, volunteering & mentoring

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