Meeting Minutes

The following are minutes from the past CANR Staff Advisory Committee meetings:

Attendees: Sarah, Richie, Renee, Jan, Tracy, Emily, Sharon and Jill…guest Todd Bradley 


  1. Approval of January 2020 meeting minutes- APPROVED 


  1. SAC members 
  1. Welcome Tracy Lorenz from Packaging 
  1. Units/Depts yet to fill– Community Sustainability, AFRE, Horticulture, Extension, AgBio & PSMS 


  1. Qualtrics survey  
  1. Update (Jan and/or Kathryn)– Over 200 staff have completed the survey to date.   

Highlight’sof survey: 

52% feel they have an outlet to share concerns/issues/successes 

45% feel concerns/issues are somewhat addressed 

69% feel valued/somewhat valued by Deans/Directors/Chairs 

71% feel valued/somewhat valued by faculty in their unit 

76% feel valued/highly valued by staff counterparts in their unit 

53% feel supervisor’s issues/concerns are supported by Deans/Directors/Chairs 

72% are aware of SAC 

52% learned of SAC via email 

52% feel represented by SAC 

41% overall morale is good (37% Neutral) 

65% overall morale has NOT increased over last 12-18 months 

29% more likely to attend All-staff annual meeting 

53% have less than 5 years worked in CANR 

44% those responding were APA 

Opportunities for staff to interact with Deans/Directors/Chairs most important SAC focus 

Repeated comments – off-campus connection and Leadership changes in Departments 


** all SAC members to review survey specifically the questions for the Dean and provide Jan with your list of top 5 questions you would like Ron to respond to by 2/14/2020.  As you are reviewing the questions, please categorized by University, Union and Ron for responses. 


  1. CANR All-Staff Event 
  1. Update from the Planning sub-committee  
  1. Agenda and timeline -Timeline was reviewed, Jan confirmed that Jen Riebow will provide the DEI update.  
  1.  Todd will act as formal MC for the event.   
  1. Presentation slides – Sarah will put together  


  1. Staff counts and communication– discussion around the staff count report we reviewed earlier in the fall.  Jan broke down the numbers and of the 739 listed, 235 were on-call and 164 were temps.  This group was excluded from the survey email.  KBS expressed concerns that this group feels excluded from Department/College/University communications in their unit.  Currently our representation has been more focused on union classifications, but this is something we can discuss as we move forward, should we and/or how do we represent temps within CANR.  Such a wide range of hires across college.  Actual number of CT/APA/APSA is 340 


  1. Richie asked; have we meet with Dean on agenda and survey results, Q/A questions?  Not yet but will contact Jennifer Patterson for date/times. 


  1. DEI update – is unit invited or just staff?  We originally reached out to Quentin for his availability, discussion within the sub-group that presentations may be better from the staff member.  We are okay with Quentin providing staff related updates, he had indicated that he has a study trip that week that had not been finalized yet.  We will touch base with him. 


College Advisory Council (CAC)  

  1. Update (Jan) - Last meeting discussion focused on by-law revision around voting and time on committee.  Also discussed community norms created last year; how do they police these, how do they respond to violations, what are the consequences.  


  1. SAC representation – SAC has a representative who attends the CAC meeting each month.  Generally, this has been the Chair, Sarah works at KBS and is not able to be here on Fridays when the CAC meet (2nd Friday of the Month/4th if needed).  Asking for someone to be that rep for the SAC.   


  1. Create restructuring sub-committee 
  1. Solicit for member participation– Sarah asked for volunteers within the committee to form a sub-committee to address some of the restructuring issues listed below.  Could be more than one sub-committee.  Richie offered to consult with group also suggested that if no self-volunteers the Chair assign sub-committees.  Please contact Sarah with your desire to sit on a sub-committee. 


  1. Discuss goals 
  1. Officer positions (Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Awards Officer, Communication Officer, etc.) 
  1. Term limits – Just for officer and not members? 
  1. Establish by-lays vs. Guidelines?


  1. Basketball tickets update 
  1. 12/31/2019 MSU vs. Nebraska 136 tickets 
  1. 1/30/2020 MSU vs. Purdue 118 tickets 
  1. 2/23/2020 MSU vs. Michigan 411 tickets 


  1. Kathryn suggested we may want to look at offering other MSU ticketed events in the future. 



  1. Accomplishments– SAC accomplishments have been summarized in past years by the committee chair.  2018/2019 did not get done, Sarah and Sharon have worked to compile the accomplishments and Sarah will produce the final draft.  To make this process easier for the future we will have a standing items “Accomplishments” on the agenda. 


  1. 2019 survey 
  1. Basketball ticket give away see item 7  



  1. Action Items 
  • Review Questions for the Dean – categorize and send Jan your top 5 by 2/14/2020 
  • Need SAC member to represent the committee at the CAC meetings for March, April & May 2020.  2nd Friday of the month 3:30 – 5:00 in Ag Hall. 
  • Need volunteers for sub-committees to address restructure goals…see item 6b above. 
  • Collect swag for door prizes at All-Staff Event.  I your unit has swag items you are willing to contribute please bring to our March 4th meeting. 
  • Contact Dean’s office and Quentin with event outline meetings (Sarah) 
  • Contact Dave Ellis CANR Communications about mics for event and setting up ZOOM for off-campus folks. (Sharon) 
  • Purchase tickets for door prizes and markers for Todd’s interactivities  
  • Presentation slides for event (Sarah) 



  1. Other business