AmericanHort Scholars

Application Deadline: March 1, 2021


What is the AmericanHort Scholars program? 

A program that sets students in horticulture on a path to success by exposing them to the breadth of the horticulture industry, its opportunities, and its leaders. The program offers you a beyond-the-classroom experience, giving you insight and awareness of the industry, its supply chain, and where you might find a home for your passion. The focus of the program is on professional development including attending education sessions, networking, and working with industry mentors. 

Who is eligible for the AmericanHort Scholars program?

AmericanHort Scholars Program is open to undergraduate and graduate students who are attending 2- and 4-year colleges and universities. (If you graduate just before the program starts in July, that's okay).

What exactly is an AmericanHort Scholar and what do they do?

HortScholars spend seven days on-site at Cultivate'21 (the industry's largest all-industry event in North America) in Columbus, Ohio. HortScholars meet as a group and individually with industry professionals, attend educational sessions, and network at various social events. It's a unique experience designed to help you make connections so you can find jobs and internships and help you experience some of the more exciting aspects of the industry. If you're a horticulture major and not sure if you want to be a grower or think being a grower is your only career option - think again! The Scholars Program will show you that there are many, many career possibilities. 

Scholars receive complimentary meals, lodging, an All-Access Pass to Cultivate'20, and a complimentary one-year student membership with AmericanHort. Scholars are responsible for providing their own transportation to and from Columbus, Ohio.

If you're concerned about a job or internship conflict you might have during the summer, don't worry too much. Most employers are incredibly supportive of this opportunity and will see it as a valuable part of your overall job/internship experience.

When and where does the AmericanHort Scholars program take place?

The HortScholars program is in conjunction with Cultivate'21 in Columbus, Ohio. That's July 10-13, 2021. Scholars typically arrive a few days early, so you'd need to check your calendar for July 7 through July 14.