Jamie M. Hill Endowed Scholarship for the School of Packaging

Application Deadline: September 1, 2020



  • Scholarship recipients should be students with financial need
  • Students in good academic standing
  • You will be asked to provide dollar amounts of financial aid.
  • You must submit at least one document (Essay described below) as a separate file.
  • You must submit your most recent CV or resume as a separate file.
  • Incoming students will require to submit transcripts from previous institutions or high schools.
Essay Submission:
Submit a 500-700 word essay (PDF FORMAT) about yourself with your name in the top right corner. Include what is unique about you, your background, your interests, and your professional perspective and goals in the packaging profession. Be as specific as possible, such as stating what type of packaging interests you – food, medical, beverage, consumer goods etc. 
  • Title Essay: (LastName_FirstName_Year.pdf) for an example (Spartan_Sparty_GR.pdf)
    Incoming Freshmen: IF, Freshmen: FR, Sophomore: SO, Junior: JR, Senior: SR, Graduate Student: GR, Incoming Transfer Student: TS.
Resume or CV Submission:
  • Title Resume/CV: (LastName_FirstName_resume.pdf) for an example (Spartan_Sparty_resume.pdf)

Scholarship Application Information

CURRENT STUDENTS: Please click the link to access the Packaging Scholarship Form 
INCOMING FRESHMEN and TRANSFER STUDENTS (starting Fall 2019): Please use the application for CURRENT STUDENTS, making sure to include to your transcripts from your previous institution in the same file. You may leave the future schedule blank, noting that you are an incoming student, if you have not yet completed orientation.