The John L. Arend Excellence in Graduate Student Research Scholarship

Application Deadline: February 12, 2021

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The “John L. Arend Excellence in Graduate Student Research” Scholarship provides research assistance funds to horticulture graduate students. Previous recipients may re-apply for continued consideration up to a total of three awards during their graduate career. Recipients are required to acknowledge acceptance of, and express appreciation for, their award in writing to the Arend family (contact the Graduate Programs secretary for this address) within six weeks of award notification.

Selection Criteria

Applicant must be a current MSU Horticulture graduate student pursuing a MS or a PhD.

Applicant must show that their research is innovative, creative, and making timely progress.  The research must have impact and potential influence on horticulture science.
Applicants should demonstrate academic excellence (GPA, honors, awards), service to the department and/or community, and the financial need for how the scholarship will assist in their research.