• Understanding the Michigan Food Law - How to start a business in your home kitchen

    Published on February 19, 2021

    MI Ag Ideas to Grow With 2021 - General Interest Session: Do you have a recipe that your friends and family love? Do you have the time and financial resources to devote to launching your own business? The Michigan Cottage Food Law allows for the production of some types of low-risk foods in a home kitchen for direct-to-consumer sales. Attend this workshop to learn about what types of food items are permitted, labeling requirements and resources for understanding the basics of launching a Cottage Food Business.

  • Improving Food Safety for Immunocompromised Patients

    Published on August 21, 2020

    Bradley Marks, chair and professor in the Michigan State University Department of Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering, and Ph.D. student Carly Gomez are researching ways to make fresh produce safe to eat for people with weakened immune systems.

  • Public Health and Food Safety Implications of COVID-19, featuring Dr. Felicia Wu

    Published on April 10, 2020

    In the third installment of Closing Bell, Schaefer and Malone are joined by Dr. Felicia Wu to discuss the public health and food safety implications of COVID-19

  • Our Table: Food safety full discussion

    Panelists discuss food safety practices, food safety and health, and the role food safety plays in shaping our food system.

  • Frank Yiannas: It's important to talk about food

    Our Table panelist Frank Yiannas shares why he believes we need to have a greater national dialogue on food.