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  • JBS Holstein Contract Comparison Tool

    Published on April 8, 2021
    This spreadsheet is to be used to help assist with choosing between using the "New" or "Old" JBS Holstein contract and discovering how premiums and discounts can affect the profitability on a load of cattle.

  • Food Label Claims

    Published on April 6, 2021
    All information on food labels must not be false or misleading.

  • GMO Label Claims

    Published on April 6, 2021
    A GMO is a plant, animal, or other organism that has had a gene from another organism transferred into it as an addition or replacement.

  • Food Product Dates

    Published on April 6, 2021
    Two types of dating may be found on product labels; open and closed dating.

  • Antibiotic Label Claims

    Published on April 6, 2021
    Antibiotics are substances that are produced by one microorganism and have the ability to kill or inhibit growth or multiplication of other microorganisms.

  • Hormone Label Claims

    Published on April 6, 2021
    Hormones are naturally produced chemical messenger substance found in both plants and animals.

  • MSU Extension Article Writing Template

    Published on March 30, 2021
    MSU's Extension for staff who submit educational news articles for publication on the MSU Extension website.

  • Crop Budget Estimator Tool for Grains (Detailed)

    Published on March 29, 2021
    This is the detailed version of the Crop Budget Estimator Tool. This tool allows more in-depth analysis and budget construction.

  • MSU Extension Program Attendance Record

    Published on March 22, 2021
    Info must be collected from individuals in attendance at in-person MSU Extension/4-H sponsored activities during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Instructions for Annual Compliance Proxy Authorization

    Published on March 18, 2021
    The Annual Compliance Proxy Authorization process allows a volunteer to authorize an MSU Extension staff member to log in to Volunteer Central while talking on the phone. This process must be followed according to the directions provided here.

  • Annual Compliance Proxy Authorization

    Published on March 18, 2021
    This process allows a volunteer to authorize an MSU Extension staff member to log in to the volunteer’s Volunteer Central profile while talking on the phone to update information and authorize various compliance components on their own behalf.

  • Parenting the Preschooler: Social Competence and Emotional Well-Being

    Published on March 17, 2021
    The fact sheets are designed to help parents of preschoolers learn about their children’s day-to-day emotions, behavior, and development, and equip them to help their children develop social skills and learn to manage their emotions and behavior.

  • An Assessment of Manure-based Compost Markets in Michigan

    Published on March 15, 2021
    A report that farmers can use to make informed decisions about making compost from manure and other agricultural byproducts to increase farm income by selling compost to consumers. The report updates a similar effort that was conducted in 2005.

  • Sample #1E: Bylaws for a Planning Commission

    Published on March 12, 2021
    This presents a sample bylaws, for a planning commission in Michigan. It is written to cover most needs which may occur, so editing is mainly to omit what is not pertinent for a given community.

  • Webinar Series: Loan Preparation for New and Beginning Farmers

    Published on March 8, 2021
    Loans are an important tool for growing any business and if approached with the right groundwork, can be a beneficial part of your farm business development.

  • Michigan Managed Pollinator Protection Plan

    Published on March 2, 2021
    The purpose of Michigan’s Managed Pollinator Protection Plan (MP3) is to improve and protect the health of pollinators in Michigan, while simultaneously protecting our crops, property, and human health.

  • National MP3 Working Group

    Published on March 2, 2021
    The Managed Pollinator Protection Plans (MP3) working group was established in 2020 through a North Central IPM Center grant. This group facilitates a coordinated effort for sharing resources and eliminating redundant efforts.

  • Starting and Keeping Bees in Michigan: Rules and Regulations

    Published on March 2, 2021
    Before keeping bees in any state, it is important to know all the rules and regulations to make sure your apiary can run smoothly, and the health of your bees and your neighbors are protected.

  • Winter 2021 Spartan Dairy Newsletter

    Published on March 1, 2021
    Stay in touch with the latest dairy news and research at MSU

  • Spartan Dairy Newsletter Winter 2021

    Published on March 1, 2021
    View full version of the Spartan Dairy Newsletter, Winter 2021 edition here.