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  • MSU Extension

    Michigan State University Extension helps people improve their lives by bringing the vast knowledge resources of MSU directly to individuals, communities and businesses.

  • CHAMP E-Tool designed to assist the Michigan agriculture community

    Published on July 21, 2020
    This tool is designed for the Michigan agriculture community to help identify and implement appropriate and meaningful exposure control strategies to protect workers and the public.

  • Preventing foodborne illness and ensuring a safer food supply

    Published on July 20, 2020
    MSU Extension offers users the opportunity to understand safe food practices and reduce the opportunity of foodborne illness.

  • Helping Farmers & Agricultural Professionals Manage Stress

    Published on July 20, 2020
    Through MSU Extension’s farm stress programming, farmers, their families and agricultural professionals alike learned stress management techniques, about resources to get through tough times, ways to communicate with farmers under stress and more.

  • Combating the Opioid Crisis through Outreach and Education

    Published on July 20, 2020
    Over 130 people die every day from opioid overdose in the United States, and nearly 3 in 4 of Michigan’s overdose deaths are attributable to opioids.

  • Supporting Mental Health & Reducing Stress

    Published on July 20, 2020
    As a result of MSU Extension’s social-emotional health programming, children and adults across Michigan learned how to manage anger, reduce stress, practice mindfulness and strengthen their families’ and communities’ understanding.

  • Encouraging Healthy Aging by Preventing Falls

    Published on July 20, 2020
    Participants in evidence-based falls prevention programming such as A Matter of Balance and Tai Chi for Arthritis and Falls Prevention increased their knowledge of falls prevention strategies and increased their ratings of their own general health.

  • Creating Healthy Habits through Nutrition and Physical Activity

    Published on July 20, 2020
    Through MSU Extension’s nutrition and physical activity programming, Michigan adults, families and children gained crucial knowledge about nutrition and healthy foods, increased their physical activity and reduced their food insecurity.

  • Preventing and managing diabetes and chronic health conditions

    Published on July 20, 2020
    As a result of MSU Extension’s chronic health and diabetes prevention and management programming, adults across Michigan took better control over their chronic conditions.

  • Roadmap to a Virtual Program

    Published on July 13, 2020
    Virtual learning experiences are opportunities for engagement when face-to-face meetings are not possible. They also can supplement face-to-face programming. When planning a virtual program, consider the following questions and best practices.

  • 4-H Virtual Showcase Open Registration Welcome Message

    Published on July 8, 2020
    Sending an introductory message when opening the FairEntry process is a great opportunity to welcome participants with positivity and share resources that will assist them in being successful. Below is an example of a message that can be customized.

  • Insects in Industrial Hemp Production in Michigan E3436

    Published on July 1, 2020
    Information on the biology, timing, impact, and management of insects and other arthropods expected in industrial hemp in Michigan

  • 4-H Virtual Showcase: Language for Fair Books and Exhibitors about Video and Photo Requirements

    Published on June 26, 2020
    The following is suggested language for staff to utilize when updating fair books or communicating with exhibitors. These suggestions are only a starting point for staff; the text should reflect the requirements of your own virtual learning showcase.

  • 4-H Virtual Auction: Sample Buyers Letter

    Published on June 25, 2020
    This document is a sample for counties to use when communicating with their buyers about the virtual auction. Each county will need to customize the information to fit the format of their auction, paying particular attention to the areas in yellow.

  • 4-H Virtual Auction Add-Ons

    Published on June 23, 2020
    An add-on is a sum of money donated by an individual, business, agency or organization to the youth seller in a virtual auction. This document will answer frequently asked questions about the add-on feature of online sales.

  • 4-H Virtual Auction Explanation for Youth Marketing Projects

    Published on June 23, 2020
    Youth who plan to sell a livestock or still project at a virtual auction will find answers to their frequently asked questions in this helpful document.

  • Crafts Around the World Series Huichol Picture: Yarn Art

    Published on June 23, 2020
    This activity provides youth the opportunity to learn about cultural activities as well as practice making yarn art.

  • New Farm Start-up: Video

    Published on June 22, 2020
    This webinar will review the process of new business start-up.

  • Keeping Youth Safe Virtually: Best Practices

    Published on June 18, 2020
    When engaging youth in virtual learning experiences, it is important to consider youth safety. These best practices should be considered by youth as they engage in online experiences, as well as parents, guardians, volunteers and other adults.

  • Connecting Assets in Vicksburg, MI Executive Summary and Poster

    Published on June 14, 2020
    The purpose of this project is to identify assets within the Village of Vicksburg and to make recommendations that will enhance non-motorized connectivity.

  • Collins Road Corridor Study

    Published on June 13, 2020
    The goal of this project was to complete a corridor study of the Collins Road Corridor, a 1.5-mile stretch between Forest Road and Jolly Road along the south end of the Michigan State University campus.