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  • Show Me Nutrition

    Published on September 29, 2020

    Show Me Nutrition is a nutrition education program for youth, with lessons designed for pre-K through 8th grade.

  • How to: Jump Rope

    Published on September 28, 2020

    When was the last time you tried jumping rope? MSU Extension Community Nutrition Instructor, Elaine Palm offers 11 ideas to really get you moving!

  • How to: Cut Pineapple

    Published on August 27, 2020

    Have you ever tried squeezing the juice out of your pineapple rinds? MSU Extension Community Nutrition Instructor Vicki Ballas shows us how easy it is to cut up a pineapple.

  • How to: Practice Chair Yoga

    Published on July 27, 2020

    MSU Extension Community Nutrition Instructor Kendra Gibson's calm encouragement will make you want to try chair yoga. You'll discover how you really can practice chair yoga almost anywhere!

  • Added Sugars

    Published on July 24, 2020

    MSU Extension Community Nutrition Instructor Cody McLaren shows us just how much added sugar can be in sugar sweetened drinks. He encourages us to rethink our drinks with some more nutritious options.

  • How to Repackage Bulk Foods

    Published on July 18, 2020

    Have you ever found only large packages of meat available at the grocery store? Or maybe the unit price on the bulk package is a better fit for your budget.

  • How to Safely Slice, Dice, & Mince

    Published on June 25, 2020

    Learn some knife safety skills as well as how to slice, dice and mince!

  • Let's Talk About Asparagus

    Published on June 19, 2020

    Learn about asparagus - everything from how to store it, to how to cook it and even how to preserve it.

  • How to Stay Hydrated

    Published on May 13, 2020

    Are you drinking enough water? MSU Extension Community Nutrition Instructor, Vicki Ballas shares tips for staying hydrated.

  • Cut Up Whole Chicken

    Published on May 1, 2020

    Purchasing a whole chicken can be a budget friendly option. MSU Extension Community Nutrition Instructor, Joe Hammontree shows us how to cut a whole chicken into pieces.

  • Garden Crafts & Snacks

    Published on April 30, 2020

    Learn ideas for how to spark kids' interest in gardening as well as ideas for using your harvest, and foods you have on hand, for snacks kids will love!

  • Tai Chi Warm Ups

    Published on April 21, 2020

    Join MSU Extension's Anita Carter as she guides us through Tai Chi warm ups!

  • Clean vs Sanitize

    Published on April 15, 2020

    Join as we explain the difference between cleaning and sanitizing, and why both are important!

  • How to dry fresh herbs

    Published on March 17, 2020

    Don't throw your extra fresh herbs away; try drying them! It's a very simple process! Dried herbs add extra flavor to stews, soups and baked dishes.

  • How to: Gauge Exercise Level

    Published on March 13, 2020

    Community Nutrition Instructor, Cody McLaren, demonstrates how to use a simple test to gauge your exercise level of intensity and why it's important to know. Be sure to check with your doctor before you start any new exercise routine.

  • How to: Grate & Freeze Cheese

    Published on February 5, 2020

    Learn tips for grating and freezing your own cheese, plus more tips like how to prevent the cheese from sticking together!

  • How to: Chop Celery

    Published on January 22, 2020

    Learn how to safely and easily cut celery into uniform pieces!

  • How to: Hard Boil Eggs

    Published on January 20, 2020

    Learn how to hard boil eggs in 10 minutes! Then you'll learn some easy recipes using hard boiled eggs!

  • How-to Get Moving

    Published on January 8, 2020

    Looking for some easy ways to get moving, watch Community Nutrition Instructor, Sandra Westover, discuss simple ways to add movement to your daily life.

  • Why get more physical activity???

    Learn the health benefits of physical activity and find ways to add more to your day!