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  • Consumer opinion matters: markets and the pandemic

    Published on October 29, 2020
    In the Weeds Series 5 Episode 3: MSU Extension educators Monica Jean and Sarah Fronczak sits down with Trey Malone, MSU Assistant Professor and Extension Economist, to discuss how consumer opinions impact Michigan markets.

  • What does this cover crop do for my farm?

    Published on May 6, 2020
    In the Weeds Series 4 Episode 4: Monica Jean, MSU Extension Field Crops Educator, sit down with Dustin Mulock, Farmer from Ontario, CA, to discuss biofences, companion cropping and nutrient management with cover crops.

  • Do's and Don'ts for Second-Year Hemp Growers

    Published on April 7, 2020
    Series 3 Episode 5: Eric Anderson, MSU Extension Educator, sits down with Mike Klumpp, owner of Ag Marvels in Shepherd, MI, to discuss hemp management for the experienced grower.

  • Innovative Online Tools for Conservation

    Published on February 14, 2020
    Series 2 Episode 3: MSU Extension Educators Monica Jean, Sarah Fronzack and Erica Rogers sit down to discuss online tools and reflect on the difficulties related to manure management on farms.

  • Detroit Partnership for Food, Learning and Innovation

    Published on April 1, 2019
    Restoration. Rehabilitation. Revitalization. Naim Edwards and Richard Wooten share about the vision behind the new urban research center slated to begin construction May, 1, 2019, in Detroit's Brightmoor neighborhood.

  • In the Field: Kevin Frank

    Published on July 6, 2018
    “For me, golf was really something my family got me started in, it was kind of a family activity and I probably first started when I was visiting my grandmother in Florida," Frank states. Kraig Ehm has the story.

  • Karen Waite: Teaching and Advising All Things Equine

    Published on June 7, 2018
    What peaked your interest in all things equine? “It was probably the public library. I grew up in the city and was not around any horses, but I found some books about horses, and it just never stopped," said Waite.

  • Gwyn Shelle: Back to Her Roots

    Published on June 7, 2018
    “4-H had always been a big part of my life. My thought was that I would possibly be a 4-H agent or somehow work within Extension,” Shelle explains. Kraig Ehm has the story.

  • In the Field: Janice Siegford

    Published on May 21, 2018
    Before becoming an associate professor in animal behavior and welfare, Janice was a science communication major?

  • In the Field: Patrick McDavid

    Published on May 16, 2018
    Patrick McDavid is a PhD candidate in the School of Packaging at Michigan State University. The focus of his research? "This is a vibration table. With this, we can simulate what packages feel in the back of a trailer," said McDavid.