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  • Money Management

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    This unbiased education presents best practices to help people at any stage in their financial lives. Topics include Making Money Decisions, Creating and Managing a Spending Plan, the Importance of Saving and Investing, and Credit/Debt Management.

  • Fiscal Management

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    MSU Extension works to provide training to local elected leaders in Michigan’s 1,858 townships, villages, cities and counties; 608 school districts, 456 special purpose authorities, 14 multi-county regions, and 12 federally recognized tribal nations.

  • John Kerr



  • Understanding Tourism for Michigan Communities

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    Our program is a great way for organizations, groups and individuals to learn more about what tourism can offer their community, and how to build up and maintain a sustainable, growing tourism industry.

  • First Impressions: Assessing Your Community for Tourism

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    A comprehensive community assessment conducted by unannounced visitors in a host community Overall, FIT helps communities learn about their strengths and weaknesses through the eyes of first-time visitors.

  • Community Food Systems

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    MSU Extension supports the development of community food systems in Michigan by providing resources and programs to develop local food policy councils, farm-to-institutional purchasing, food hubs and farmers markets.

  • Michigan Ballot Proposal Forum

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    MSU Extension provides unbiased analysis on Michigan's statewide ballot proposals that voters will see on the November ballot. Voters can learn what a YES and NO vote means, its impact, and attend a forum to ask questions.

  • Michigan at a Crossroads

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    The Michigan at a Crossroads Policy Guide features analysis of Michigan's most pressing policy issues facing newly elected leaders.

  • Center for Local Government Finance & Policy

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    We help Michigan “thrive local” by working with communities using data and tools that support efficient delivery of the critical public services that safeguard the health, safety and welfare of Michigan residents.

  • Community

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    Successful and thriving communities combine knowledgeable and engaged legislators, businesses, community groups and residents. By connecting these groups with the most trusted tools, MSU Extension helps enhance the quality of life in Michigan.

  • Great Lakes Education Program

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    Fourth-grade students are introduced to the unique features of the Great Lakes through a combination of classroom learning and hands-on experience. As a result, students understand their role in protecting vital freshwater resources.

  • Allisen Parker

    Community Nutrition Instructor

  • Mark Forbush

    State Advisor for FFA, Outreach Specialist AFNRE

  • Communicating Through Conflict

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    Communicating through Conflict workshops include relevant framework and discussion that provide participants with tools and techniques to manage conflict situations more effectively.

  • Advanced Facilitative Leadership

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    Advanced Facilitative Leadership is an experiential workshop focused on deepening and enhancing facilitation skills targeted at those who facilitate groups around “high-heat” issues. Completion of Facilitative Leadership is a pre-requisite for attending.

  • Real Colors Personality Instrument

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    A user-friendly, practical way for participants to better understand their own personalities and the most important traits. Participants learn skills that allow them to better communicate their thoughts and ideas to clients, friends and family.

  • Michigan FoodCorps

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    Making schools healthier places for kids to eat, learn and grow.

  • Current Issues Affecting Michigan Local Governments Webinar Series

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    A free bi-monthly webinar series covering issues affecting local governments in Michigan.

  • Conflict, Collaboration & Consensus in Natural Resource Issues

    Web Page

    Conflict, Collaboration & Consensus in Natural Resource Issues news, programming and other resources from MSU Extension.

  • Facilitative Leadership

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    The three-day Facilitative Leadership workshop helps build the capacity of groups or organizations to use the collective talents of its members to coordinate actions, strengthen relationships, and enable the group to meet its goals.

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