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  • Miscanthus Harvesting Spring 2019

    Spring 2019 harvest of dried Miscanthus stems which will be run in the hammer mill and then thru the pelletizer. Waste stream on the Station to a dense heat energy source. Video Shot and Produced by Antonio Sanchez.

  • MSU explores insect population dynamics in bioenergy

    MSU AgBioResearch scientists at the MSU Forest Biomass Innovation Center are looking at the impacts of bioenergy cropping systems on insect diversity and the services insects provide, such as pollination and pest suppression.

  • GLBRC Deer Exclosure Construction

    6/27/2019 GLBRC deer exclosure construction on tree replanting areas. Field researchers take the day to work with MSI FBIC staff to exclude deer from trial areas.

  • Soybean Trial Buffer Video

    MSU FBIC has partnered with MSU UPREC to host a soybean variety trial. The 2019 trial will also include a paired outside the fence planting to show deer browse pressure.

  • MSU FBIC from spring to fall

    The most recent video from MSU FBIC shows the changes at the station thru the seasons from April, July, and October.

  • Large Deer Exclosure Maintenance

    MSU FBIC employees repair winter damaged deer exclosure netting, install 3D electric fencing to deter deer, and install permanent gates to protect research plots.

  • New Sugarbush Walkthrough

    MSU FBIC is working to install a Research and Demonstration Sugarbush. This is the initial walk through with Joe Polak of Maple Hollow. FBIC Director Jesse Randall and Joe discuss mainline layout, tank locations, mainline tube size, and controlling unwanted vegetation. follow along as this will be a recurring series as the MSU FBIC sugarbush takes shape.

  • Dunbar Forest Inventory

    MSU FBIC oversees the 5700 acre Dunbar Forest in Sault Ste. Marie Michigan. Along the St. Mary's River the crew manages the timber for future research and education. This video shows the two man crew inventorying the various stands during summer 2019. Their work will set the stage for the next 5 years of timber harvests on the forest.

  • Forest Biomass Innovation Center: An overview

    The 1,700-acre MSU Forest Biomass Innovation Center is located in the Michigan Upper Peninsula city of Escanaba. The center is leading a number of initiatives to increase the sustainable use of wood in Michigan's expanding bio-economy.

  • Logs to Lumber at MSU

    Follow the process from woods to sawmill to lumber. MSU FBIC is salvaging white ash from a small area that will become a new sugarbush in the future. The trees will die from emerald ash borer in the near future and would fall on the sap mainlines and lateral lines. Watch Mitch, Kile, and Antonio load and mill ash!

  • Preparing Chestnut Cultivar Trial Area for Planting

    In Spring 2019, MSU FBIC will install a cultivar trial to test 18 cultivars of edible chestnuts for survival, growth, winter hardiness, and production capacity. Follow the series as we prepare, plant, and grow chestnuts at the Center. Video Shot and Produced by Antonio Sanchez.

  • White Pine Plantation Entomology

    Katie Minnix and her crew of undergraduate researchers measure white pine growing on 3 different planting spacings. Katie is testing insect damage impacts to tree stem quality at MSU's FBIC.

  • Online Mapping Options and Basic Forest Stand Inventory

    Free online resources for maple producers to use at the Wisconsin Maple Producers Association Annual Winter Institute meeting.

  • Updated Chestnut Plantation Video

    Updated Chestnut Plantation Video

  • Creating Next-Generation Power Sources

    Researchers at Michigan State University are using thermally treated biomass products as a replacement for coal at the Simon Power Plant.

  • MSU and sustainable woody bioenergy production

    MSU AgBioResearch scientists at the MSU Forest Biomass Innovation Center are using willow and poplar hybrid production systems in an effort to lower production costs and greenhouse gas emissions.

  • LIddy Hound

    Resident Canine Truffle and Morel Expert

  • Mitchell Reger

    Forestry Technician

  • Antonio Sanchez

    FBIC Videographer

  • Kile Zuidema

    Forest Technician, U.P. Forestry Innovation Center