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  • Soil fertility and plant nutrition update

    Published on September 4, 2014
    New website offers growers and practitioners access to current nutrient recommendations and strategies as well as product performance and tools to maximize return on soil fertility and plant nutrition investments.

  • MSU Extension Soil Academy 2012 update

    Published on August 14, 2012
    Due to an overwhelming response from potential participants, the enrollment for MSU Extension’s Soil Academy 2012 is currently closed.

  • Secrets in the soil – dig a little, learn a lot

    Published on May 6, 2016
    There’s a whole world beneath the surface. Learn more about soil health at MSU Agriculture Innovation Day: Focus on Soils on Aug. 24, 2016.

  • Gardens for health

    Published on August 24, 2016
    Maintaining your own garden can provide you with a bounty of fresh produce and reduce stress.

  • Research for Michigan's Health and Well-being

    Published on June 20, 2004
    A lot goes into leading a healthy lifestyle, from food to exercise. MSU researchers are helping people live healthier lives.

  • Agriculture’s wheel of fortune: Soil carbon sequestration

    Published on January 14, 2013
    Environmental benefits of soil carbon sequestration are spokes that emanate from the carbon hub.

  • Improving Our Understanding of Soil

    Published on August 10, 2015
    The United Nations has designated 2015 the "International Year of Soils," focusing on challenges surrounding food, energy and the environment. Since 1997, Project GREEEN has been confronting these issues and their impacts on plant agriculture.

  • Mental Health First Aid

    When someone’s in distress, a quick and compassionate response is just as important for mental health as it is physical health. Mental Health First Aid teaches participants how to help people who may be experiencing a mental health problem or crisis.

  • Soil Testing Video

    Published on May 23, 2016
    Why smart gardeners should get their soil tested and how to take a soil test.

  • Peak Health and Performance

    Peak Health and Performance is a program designed to provide young athletes with sound nutrition education, so they can improve their athletic performance as well as their overall health.

  • Early-Season Soil Fertility

    Published on May 9, 2019
    The MSU Extension Field Crops Virtual Breakfast weekly topic for May 9, 2019, focused on early-season soil fertility, presented by Kurt Steinke, MSU Extension soil fertility and nutrient management specialist.

  • Soil Academy 2012 set for September 5

    Published on June 4, 2012
    MSU Extension’s Soil Academy 2012 is a refresher course in soil science designed to help farmers, crop consultants and agribusiness understand more advanced topics in soil fertility and nutrient management.

  • Soil Amendment Storage

    Soil amendment treatment (compost) process monitoring SOP

  • Getting the Scoop on Soil

    Published on July 27, 2015
    Raising awareness of the important roles soil plays in everyday life is one of the goals of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, which has dubbed 2015 the "International Year of Soils."

  • Summer Road Trip 2019: The Next Generation of Health Care in District 5

    Published on November 18, 2019
    On the seventh stop of his road trip, Jeff meets Andrea Masvero, executive director of the Osteopathic Foundation of West Michigan, who partners to help the next generation of doctors achieve their dreams and make a difference in their communities.

  • What organic fertilizers mean to plants and soil

    Published on May 8, 2018
    Improved soil structure, a season-long supply of nutrients, and an increased water-holding capacity are just some of the benefits of using organic fertilizers.

  • MSU Cover Crop Team Webinar Series: Soil biology benefits of cover crops

    Published on June 11, 2019
    The fourth webinar in this series highlights research at MSU looking at the impact of cover crops on the health and diversity of the soil microbial community, and effects on corn yield.

  • Weeds are an indicator of a soil’s health

    Published on August 15, 2016
    Weeds can be a headache, but they can also be very helpful if we know a few basic principles. Weeds give us clues to the health of our soil in lawns, landscapes, gardens and pastures.

  • Biomedical Research for Animal and Human Health

    Published on June 20, 2005
    MSU AgBioResearch scientists conduct leading-edge research that helps people and animals live healthier lives.