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  • Sen Lab

    Reproductive and Developmental Sciences

  • MSU Farrier School

    MSU Farrier School is accepting applications for fall 2019.

  • Hoffmann Lab

    Did you ever wonder how light at night and seasonal change in day length change your neuronal network and impact your health and physiology?

  • The Taxis Lab


  • Animal Behavior & Welfare

    at Michigan State University

  • Center for Research on Ingredient Safety

    The Center for Research on Ingredient Safety at Michigan State University (CRIS) is one of the few organizations in the world willing to tackle the hard questions about ingredient safety in our everyday products.

  • Dairy Store

    The MSU Dairy Foods Complex is many things - our plant, our stores, an educational and outreach center, and more. We offer online ordering options as well as in-store cheese gift boxes and gift cards ready to purchase for any occasion!

  • Native American Institute

    The Native American Institute works to enhance the sovereignty, cultural continuity and well-being of tribes, Indian communities and Indian people.

  • Product Center

    The MSU Product Center can help you develop and commercialize high-value products and businesses in the food, agricultural and natural resource sectors.

  • Veiga-Lopez Laboratory

    “Discovery consists of looking at the same thing as everyone else and thinking something different"

  • Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Legume Systems Research

    The Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Legume Systems Research fosters dynamic, profitable and environmentally sustainable approaches that contribute to resilience, productivity and better nutrition and economic opportunities.

  • College of Natural Science

    College of Natural Science

  • World Technology Access Program

    WorldTAP draws upon expertise from Michigan State University and around the world to offer short-term and long-term training programs, advisory services, and consultations in diverse areas of agricultural research and development.

  • Center for Packaging Innovation & Sustainability

    The Center for Packaging Innovation and Sustainability is the vision and commitment that is the foundation of Michigan State University's efforts in packaging innovation and sustainability.

  • Bailey Scholars Program

    The Bailey Scholars Program is a unique opportunity to learn through community. It is a program of possibility and potential, where we aid you in your pursuit of your learning interests. We focus on scholarship, excellence, and community.

  • Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition

    Our students, faculty and staff help solve issues in food production, food safety, health applications and disease prevention.

  • ANR Communications & Marketing

    ANR Communications & Marketing is the communications and marketing team for the MSU College of Agriculture & Natural Resources, MSU Extension and MSU AgBioResearch.

  • ANR Event Services

    Event management, consulting and online registration resources for the MSU College of Agriculture & Natural Resources, AgBioResearch and MSU Extension.

  • AgBioResearch Office of Research Support

    The Office of Research Support works in conjunction with faculty and their department research administrators to provide pre-award services in support of extramural grant proposal submissions.

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