• DNR Food Plots

    Michigan DNR's Colter Lubben reviews several food plots of various ages so the viewers can see the natural progression of food plots in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. types of forage plantings are explained.

  • Michigan Good Food Charter Goal #5: Waterford School District, MI

    5. Michigan Nutrition Standards will be met by 100 percent of school meals and 75 percent of schools selling food outside school meal programs.

  • Michigan Good Food Charter Goal #2: Good Medicine Farm, Milan, Michigan

    2. Michigan farmers will profitably supply 20 percent of all Michigan institutional, retailer and consumer food purchases and be able to pay fair wages to their workers.

  • #MIGoodFoodChallenge BUY

    Michigan Farmers are counting on you to take the #MIGoodFoodChallenge​. Join the effort to make 20 percent of your food Michigan-grown by 2020.

  • Our Table: Food waste full discussion

    Why is reducing food waste important for our planet, health, economy and communities? Panelists discuss during an Our Table conversation at the MSU Recycling Center.

  • Take the #MIGoodFoodChallenge

    Michigan Farmers are counting on you to take the #MIGoodFoodChallenge​. Join the effort to make 20 percent of your food Michigan-grown by 2020.

  • Stories of Hope: Shelby Pasch

    Shelby, a supervisor in the Central Michigan District Health Department, discusses the importance of harm reduction. For more information on opioid use prevention and education, visit

  • Our Table: The future of our food system

    Food@MSU joined MSU Extension of St. Clair County for a conversation on the future of our food system.

  • Discussion of Food Plots in the UP of Michigan Initial Design and Layout

    Food plot layout and walk thru on the design and concept behind long term food plots. Join Jesse Randall (MSU FBIC) and Colter Lubben (MI DNR) on a walk and talk following a large scale salvage cut in the central Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

  • Safety Tips for Shopping at the Grocery Store

    Extension educator Beth Waitrovich explains how you can stay safe while stocking up on groceries during the novel coronavirus pandemic.

  • Our Table - Climate Change and Our Global Food System

    A conversation around climate change and the global food system hosted by MSU and featuring Nick Haddad, Rebecca Jordan, Pamela Ronald and Michael Webber.

  • Food Packaging Research Video

    All about Food Packaging research at the MSU School of Packaging

  • Jonathan Bloom: Connect to your food

    Jonathan Bloom, food journalist, speaker and author, gives advice on how to reduce food waste at home.

  • Michigan Blueberries

    Michigan is one of the top producing states in growing these sweet, juicy, and plump little blue dynamos. In 2016, the state produced 110 million pounds of more than 30 mouthwatering varieties of highbush blueberries. More than 50 percent of all Michigan blueberries are shipped to the fresh market; the rest are frozen, pureed, concentrated, or canned to be used in a wide range of food products.*

  • Overview of Michigan DNR Wildlife Food Plots

    Colter Luben with the Michigan DNR Wildlife unit out of Gladstone Michigan discusses DNR food plots. What to expect over the years as the food plots and soils evolve and age. What is commonly planted to develop soil profile and nutrients.

  • Michigan Good Food Charter Goal #4: American Indian Health & Family Services

    4. Eighty percent of Michigan residents (twice the current level) will have easy access to affordable, fresh, healthy food, 20 percent of which is from Michigan sources.