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  • Apples

    With more than 900 million pounds of apples produced per year, apples are Michigan's largest fruit crop. MSU Extension offers a variety of programming to assist farmers in orchard management and tree growth.

  • Forest tent caterpillar

    Adults are reddish brown with two brown, transverse-parallel bands. Masses of shiny black eggs are laid in a ring around twigs. Larvae have long silky hairs on their body and a row of elongated spots along the back.

  • Fall webworm

    Adult is a white moth with dark spots on the wings, which may be less distinct in northern specimens. The pale yellow larva has a dark head and dark tubercles with clumps of hairs.

  • European apple sawfly

    The adult looks similar to a small, orange-brown wasp with the ventral side and legs orange in color. It has transparent wings with many veins. The egg, oval and translucent, is inserted into the receptacle of the flower.

  • Dock sawfly

    The adult is bluish black with red legs. The larva is a smooth velvety green worm with white legs and a dark head.

  • Fruittree leafroller

    The adult is red-brown with mottling. The translucent green caterpillar has a reddish to dark brown head and an amber to pale green thoracic shield edged with brown.

  • Potato leafhopper

    All leafhopper species feed on the undersides of leaves, puncturing cells and sucking out the contents. In general, juice grape (labrusca) varieties are much more tolerant of leafhoppers than hybrid or vinifera varieties.

  • European fruit scale

    The female is immobile and covered with a circular waxy shell that becomes dark gray over time and is elevated at the center. The adult male is brownish red with an elongated abdomen, long antennae and wings.

  • Apple maggot

    Adults are black flies with three or four white cross bands on the abdomen, a prominent white spot at the posterior end of the thorax, and the wings are marked with black bands in the shape of an "F".

  • Cherry fruit flies

    The adult cherry fruit fly is somewhat smaller than the house fly, with a yellowish brown head and legs, and white crossbands on the abdomen. The black cherry fruit fly is slightly larger and its abdomen is entirely black.

  • Pear midge

    The adult resembles a very small mosquito or gnat; the body is brown and the wings transparent with simple veins. The larva is a white maggot with no legs or visible head; the posterior end is blunt, and the front end tapers to a point.

  • Apple leaf (curling) midge

    The adult is a tiny dark brown fly, and the larva is a yellow-white maggot with a reddish tinge.

  • Shothole borer

    The adult is stocky with a hard black body and antennae, leg segments and tips of elytra reddish brown; its head is not visible from above.

  • Peach bark beetle

    Adult's body is brown with many punctures, from which arise yellowish hairs. The larva is a small, legless grub.

  • Forbes scale

    Round or elongate gray scale with a raised reddish area in the center, which distinguishes it from the San Jose scale.

  • San Jose scale

    Adult males are minute, winged insects about 1 mm long and golden brown with a reddish tinge. Scales may be either disk-shaped or oval, and are composed of concentric rings of gray-brown wax radiating from a tiny white knob.

  • Winter moth

    Adult male has grayish-brown wings; the female has remnants of wings and so cannot fly. This, in combination with the female's large body, makes the legs appear to be long, and gives her the superficial appearance of a spider.

  • Green pug

    The adult is a grayish moth with mottled or scalloped dark striations toward the wing margins. The larva is a green inchworm with a dark head and a dark reddish brown dorsal mid-line present in later instars.

  • Tufted apple bud moth

    Adult is an inconspicuous moth, varying from mottled gray at the wing base to brown at the wing tip, with a lighter colored margin along the wing's leading edge. Two or three groups of tufted scales can be seen on the top of the wings.

  • Lesser peachtree borer

    Adult is a clear-winged, metallic-blue moth that has two or more yellow bands across the abdomen, giving it a wasp-like appearance.

  • Peachtree borer

    Adult is a clear-winged, metallic-blue moth that has one broad orange or two or more yellow bands across the abdomen; both sexes have more amber sheen on wings than lesser peachtree borer adults.