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  • Center for Research on Ingredient Safety

    The Center for Research on Ingredient Safety at Michigan State University (CRIS) is one of the few organizations in the world willing to tackle the hard questions about ingredient safety in our everyday products.

  • MSU Center Director provides some perspective on titanium dioxide

    Published on May 6, 2017
    Michigan State University is home to the Center for Research on Ingredient Safety (CRIS).

  • Interim CRIS Director to serve as ILSI Scientific Advisor

    Published on April 8, 2019
    We are pleased to announce that CRIS Interim Director, Dr. Norb Kaminski, will serve as the new Scientific Advisor for ILSI North America’s Food and Chemical Safety committee

  • Trending – Polyvinyl Alcohol

    Published on May 24, 2021
    Whether we're doing laundry or running a dishwasher, most of us are familiar with detergent products that come in a pod. In this post, we'll look at the material used to make these pods, polyvinyl alcohol.

  • Trending – Aflatoxins

    Published on September 13, 2021
    We periodically see pet food recalled for aflatoxin contamination. In this post, we look at aflatoxin contamination and put it into context.

  • Chemophobia – Fearing Chemicals

    Published on April 12, 2021
    When it comes to chemicals, it can be hard to untangle the facts from the fear (some of it's necessary fear). In this post we explore chemophobia.

  • Proving 'Ingredient Safety' is a challenge - Who do you trust?

    Published on August 21, 2017
    Director Michael Holsapple discusses the controversy surrounding the "Impossible Burger".

  • Expiring Products – Food & Ingredients

    Published on April 20, 2020
    Did you know foods, even shelf-stable foods like flour and canned foods, can expire? In this post, we cover the basics around food and ingredient expiration dates.

  • Welcoming Jinpeng Li, Ph.D.

    Published on September 30, 2019
    We are thrilled to welcome Jinpeng Li, Ph.D. to the CRIS team.

  • 101 Series – Placebo Effect

    Published on March 15, 2021
    We've discussed ingredients with purported health benefits that aren't supported by research, but why do these ingredients continue to sell if they don't work? In this post, we explore the connection between our brain and our body in the placebo effect.

  • CBD – The next ingredient frontier

    Published on April 29, 2019
    Cannabidiol (CBD) is the new rage with oils, tonics, and tinctures popping for sale, but what do we know about this trending ingredient? In this post, we take a new look at CBD.

  • Eat more seafood for your health right? Actually it's not that simple

    Published on May 20, 2017
    Keri Szejda, CRIS postdoctoral research associate at ASU, looks at the research and evidence associated with seafood and good health.

  • Director's Message August

    Published on August 23, 2021
    As we embark on a new academic year at Michigan State University, I wanted to reach out and update you on the great work we're undertaking at CRIS.

  • Packaging – Plant-based Plastics

    Published on June 28, 2021
    In this series, we explore packaging ingredients. This post looks at plant-based plastics poised to replace some of the petroleum-based plastic packaging products.

  • Norbert Kaminski named CRIS interim director

    Published on December 1, 2017
    Norbert Kaminski was named interim director of the Center for Research on Ingredient Safety at Michigan State University.

  • Labels – Understanding ingredient labels

    Published on August 12, 2019
    In this series, we explore labels on our everyday products to understand the ingredients that we consume and use. In this post, we'll explore label standards.

  • Trace Contaminants & Residues – An Overview

    Published on July 13, 2020
    In this series, we explore trace contaminants and residues that can make their way into our food and water system. In this post, we’ll give a general overview of trace contaminants and residues.

  • COVID-19 – Disinfecting with Bleach

    Published on March 13, 2020
    In this post, we explain how you can use liquid household bleach to disinfect hard surfaces.

  • Sweetener – Sugar Alcohols

    Published on November 4, 2019
    In this series, we explore sweeteners. In this post, we cover common sugar alcohols.

  • Vaccine Safety – Ingredients

    Published on January 18, 2021
    In this series, we're exploring vaccines, the ingredients found in vaccines, and vaccine safety. In this post, we take a look at vaccine ingredients and their function.

  • Essential Oils – Digging Deeper Tea Tree Oil

    Published on August 31, 2020
    In our last post, we looked at lavender essential oil. There are many other popular essential oils on the market. This post looks at one of the most common essential oil used and studied: Tea Tree Oil.