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  • Michigan Agriculture

  • Michigan Agriculture

    Published on September 20, 2011
    The science of abundance.

  • Agriculture Hall Room 416

    The ANRTS Service Desk and Technical Trainer are located in room 416 of the Justin S. Morrill Hall of Agriculture.

  • Agriculture Hall Room 221

    The ANRTS Infrastructure, Enterprise Systems Programming, and Web Services teams are located in room 221 of the Justin S. Morrill Hall of Agriculture.

  • Precision Agriculture

    Precision agriculture uses advances in technology to create a more sustainable, higher-yielding agricultural system.

  • Agriculture Month

    March is agriculture month. We honor and celebrate Michigan’s farmers, the diversity of products grown and processed in our state, and the partnerships that keep our food and agriculture industry thriving.

  • Adam Ingrao: Connecting Veterans and Agriculture

    Published on June 6, 2018
    According to Ingrao, connecting farmers with fellow veterans is not much of a stretch. “It really is just a conversation that has to take place. And that conversation happening with another veteran, usually the veterans respond really well."

  • Animal Agriculture

    MSU Extension and MSU AgBioResearch serve the animal agriculture industry by engaging in research, education and outreach that enhances the quality of life for constituents throughout the state.

  • Michigan Agriculture Environmental Assurance Program

    The Michigan Agriculture Environmental Assurance Program is an innovative, proactive program that helps farms of all sizes and all commodities voluntarily prevent or minimize agricultural pollution risks.

  • Justin S. Morrill Hall of Agriculture

    MSU Extension Justin S. Morrill Hall of Agriculture

  • Jason Rowntree - Regenerative Agriculture

  • Pavilion for Agriculture and Livestock Education

    The MSU Pavilion hosts approximately 100 events each year. It is the home of the Spartan Stampede Rodeo, the Michigan Livestock Exhibition, the RV Show, the Lansing Home and Garden Show, AutumnFest, and numerous 4-H and FFA events.

  • Agriculture and farming

    Where food comes from.

  • College of Agriculture & Natural Resources

    Students, faculty and staff in the MSU College of Agriculture and Natural Resources tackle some of the world’s biggest problems related to food, health and the environment.

  • Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue visits MSU

  • 2014 Value-Added Agriculture Producer of the Year

  • Powering Michigan Agriculture Conference

    The Powering Michigan Agriculture Conference helps farmers learn about various renewable energy technologies, identify the technology to meet their energy management goals, and leave with the resources to implement on their farm.