4-H Animal Science

Food & Health


  • Livestock Learning: Sheep and Swine Daily Care

    Published on April 27, 2020

    Taylor Harrison, Stock Show U manager for Sullivan's Supply Co., teaches Michigan 4-H'ers about daily care of their sheep and swine 4-H projects. This sessions covers conditioning, washing, feeding and exercise as key elements in the daily routine for sheep and swine.

  • How to: Gauge Exercise Level

    Published on March 13, 2020

    Community Nutrition Instructor, Cody McLaren, demonstrates how to use a simple test to gauge your exercise level of intensity and why it's important to know. Be sure to check with your doctor before you start any new exercise routine.

  • Horse Management Certificate Program at MSU Institute of Agricultural Technology

    Published on February 8, 2018

    The Horse Management Program at the Michigan State University offers coursework in horse farm management, feeding and nutrition, basic reproduction, horse behavior, horsemanship, exercise physiology, and horse election/judging.

  • Conscious Breathing

    Try intentionally slowing down your breathing. Each time you inhale think to yourself, “I am breathing in for one,” and as you exhale think, “I am breathing out for one.” Repeat this until you reach the number five. Then pause and notice how you feel. You can repeat this breathing exercise anytime you feel overwhelmed.