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  • Bug Bites! Session 4: Biopesticide integration: strategy and economic considerations

    Published on February 9, 2021

    Bug Bites! Biopesticide integration: strategy and economics with JJ Klimp from Hidden Leaf Greenhouse in Kalamazoo, MI. Recorded live on Oct 27, 2020. JJ shares his approach to successfully integrating biopesticides into his biological control program - what he sprays, when he sprays, and why he sprays it. He includes examples of real spring floriculture crop cycles and provides cost analyses on his chosen management decisions.

  • Soybean Virtual Field Day - Marty Chilvers

    Published on August 26, 2020

    Martin Chilvers, an associate professor in the MSU Department of Plant, Soil and Microbial Sciences (PSM) and MSU Extension field crops pathologist, and graduate students Austin McCoy and Viviana Ortiz: The Chilvers lab conducts research to understand and improve management of diseases. This presentation provided an update on soybean disease management and current disease management trials.

  • Fruit and Vegetable Crop Management at MSU IAT/Northwestern Michigan College

    Published on February 8, 2018

    Northwestern Michigan College (NMC) and Michigan State University are partners in a one-of-a-kind program which allows students to earn an Associate of Applied Science Degree from NMC and a Certificate from MSU's Institute of Agricultural Technology. The Fruit and Vegetable Crop Management program prepares students for a career in fruit and vegetable production along with other allied horticultural positions in consulting and sales. Students study soil science, irrigation, pruning methods, entomology and plant pathology along with regulations compliance and safety. Elective courses in tree fruits, small fruits and vegetable production along with equipment operation, greenhouse or organic farm management complete the certificate program.

  • Integrated Pest Management Resources at MSU Webinar

    Published on February 23, 2016

    Getting started with Integrated Pest Management resources at MSU Webinar

  • Introduction to Edible Chestnut Production

    Published on February 2, 2016

    Getting started with chestnuts

  • Expanded Vegetable Production Webinar

    Published on January 11, 2016

    Getting started with expanded vegetable production webinar

  • Hops Production

    Published on January 4, 2016

    Getting started with hops

  • Intro to Integrated Pest Management

    Published on January 4, 2016

    Getting started with IPM (Integrated Pest Management)

  • Developing environmentally friendly disease, pest management

    Field research investigates alternative methods using environmentally friendly tools for disease control. One such disease being leaf rust, which multiplies quickly under the right conditions.