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  • A closer look at LED efficacy

    Published on January 5, 2022
    This article discusses recent advances in the efficacy (energy efficiency) of light-emitting diodes for plant applications.

  • Water vapor-pressure deficit

    Published on December 6, 2021
    The driving force for plant water loss is best described by the vapor-pressure deficit (VPD). This article discusses VPD classifications and what values are suitable during crop production.

  • The buzz of secondary metabolites

    Published on November 9, 2021
    Secondary metabolites can be an important plant quality characteristic, especially in specialty crops that are ingested. They can be modified through breeding activities as well as by plant culture and the environment.

  • Strategies to shorten crop production time

    Published on October 6, 2021
    This article briefly summarizes how genetics, transplant size, and cultural and environmental conditions can shorten, or in some cases unintentionally lengthen, the production time of crops grown in greenhouses.

  • Far-red and PPFD: A tale of two lettuce cultivars

    Published on October 5, 2021
    In part 3 of a 5-part series on the indoor production of leafy greens, the interactive effects of far-red light and light intensity on lettuce growth are discussed.

  • Light spectrum for different applications

    Published on September 8, 2021
    This article discusses the effects of the light spectrum on plants, and conceptually how it can be used for different greenhouse and indoor crop production applications.

  • Differentiating broad spectra

    Published on September 6, 2021
    In part 2 of a 5-part series on the production of leafy greens indoors, this article discusses how substituting white light (broad spectra) with red and/or blue light influences lettuce production.

  • Biology & Control of Canada Thistle (Cirsium arvense) in Michigan Christmas Tree Production

    Published on September 1, 2021
    Canada thistle is a major problem in Michigan Christmas tree production. It spreads quickly in a single season. This bulletin will help growers identify Canada thistle and develop management strategies for regulating it in their production systems.

  • Identifying & Managing Spotted Spurge (Chamaesyce maculata) in Nurseries & Greenhouses

    Published on September 1, 2021
    Chamaesyce maculata or Euphorbia maculata is known as spotted spurge or spotted sandmat, a common broadleaf weed in nurseries, and noncrop areas. This bulletin will help growers identify, understand its biology, and develop strategies for managing it.

  • Increasing the daily light integral

    Published on August 6, 2021
    The daily light integral (DLI) refers to the cumulative amount of light received per day, which influences the quality and yield of horticultural crops. This article discusses ways to increase the DLI for plants grown in greenhouses.

  • LEDs: More than μmol×J–1

    Published on July 7, 2021
    Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) are known for their efficiency at converting electricity into light. While efficacy is a very important consideration, there is more to them than just their μmol×J–1.

  • Guía del Cuidado de Polinizadores de Hortalizas (Vegetable Pollinator Stewardship Guide in Spanish)

    Published on July 1, 2021
    Esta Guía del cuidado de polinizadores puede ayudar a los productores de hortalizas a apoyar a los polinizadores en sus granjas y demostrar las medidas que están tomando para ayudar.

  • The indoor lighting guide: Growing seedlings under LEDs

    Published on July 1, 2021
    This 24-page guide provides research-based information about producing young plants indoors (without sunlight) under LEDs. Developed in partnership with GrowerTalks magazine.

  • Greenhouse Pest Management with Insecticides

    Published on June 14, 2021
    Research-based information is presented on how to manage greenhouse insects and other pests including thrips, aphids, whiteflies, mites, fungus gnats, and mealybugs.

  • Challenges of growing vertically in greenhouses

    Published on June 8, 2021
    There is a wide range of vertical farming approaches for greenhouse cultivation, but there are also challenges, some of which cannot easily be overcome.

  • LEDs on lettuce: White light vs. red+blue light

    Published on June 7, 2021
    In the first article of a five-part series on indoor production of leafy greens, we join the lighting debate discussing white versus red and blue light from a crop production perspective.

  • Light fixtures and their photon fluxes

    Published on May 6, 2021
    LED fixture come in all shapes, sizes and outputs — more technically, photon fluxes and spectra. This article explains the photon flux emitted by a light fixture and why it is important.

  • Vegetable Pollinator Stewardship Guide

    Published on April 16, 2021
    This vegetable pollinator stewardship guide highlights practices to support pollinator health. This guide is part of the Michigan Managed Pollinator Protection Plan.

  • Greenhouse *A* System for Michigan Producers (FAS108)

    Published on April 13, 2021
    Greenhouse producers may use this bulletin to assist in becoming MAEAP verified.

  • Greenhouse Impatiens Downy Mildew Program

    Published on April 8, 2021
    Suggested treatments for impatiens downy mildew based on scientific research.