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  • Insects in the Garden with David Lowenstein

    Published on March 16, 2021

    David Lowenstein from MSU Extension helps us build better relationships with the insects that cohabitate in our garden and can be surprisingly helpful.

  • Seed Saving with Shiloh Maples

    Published on February 26, 2021

    Shiloh Maples from the Indigenous Seed Keepers Network and the Native American Food Sovereignty Alliance shares her wisdom and passion for cultivating relationships with our seed friends.

  • Compost and Biochar with Brooke Comer

    Published on February 19, 2021

    Brooke shares her wisdom and delight at using compost and biochar as soil amendments , and hopefully you’ll walk away with some ideas and inspiration to incorporate into your garden.

  • Seed Starting with Rebecca Krans

    Published on February 16, 2021

    Our first episode of Cabin Fever Conversations for 2021 featured MSU Extension's Rebecca Krans teaching us about seed starting.

  • Indigenous Community Gardening as Community-Building with Grant Gliniecki

    Published on February 12, 2021

    Learn about the work Grant Gliniecki and the Giitigan Gardens team been doing in Lansing focused on Indigenous community gardening.

  • Bug Bites! Session 4: Biopesticide integration: strategy and economic considerations

    Published on February 9, 2021

    Bug Bites! Biopesticide integration: strategy and economics with JJ Klimp from Hidden Leaf Greenhouse in Kalamazoo, MI. Recorded live on Oct 27, 2020. JJ shares his approach to successfully integrating biopesticides into his biological control program - what he sprays, when he sprays, and why he sprays it. He includes examples of real spring floriculture crop cycles and provides cost analyses on his chosen management decisions.

  • Managing crop height

    Published on February 3, 2021

    Professor Emeritus Royal Heins discusses the history of DIF, which is the temperature difference between the day and night, and how it can be used to manage plant height of floriculture crops produced in greenhouses. He also discusses graphical tracking of the height of potted flowering plants to help growers achieve their desired height targets.

  • Continuing our commitment

    Published on January 29, 2021

    While our students and faculty could learn and teach from home, our farm managers and workers did not have this option. Our priority was the health and well-being of our people and our commitment to the growers and producers of Michigan, who rely on our work as research and development.

  • MSU Tollgate Farm Follow the Nutrient Trail: What's Inside an Egg?

    Published on August 23, 2020

    What's inside an egg? Follow MSU Tollgate Farm as we explore the parts inside an egg.

  • MSU Tollgate Farm Follow the Nutrient Trail: Chickens and the Nutrient Cycle

    Published on August 12, 2020

    Visit MSU Tollgate Farm and explore the nutrient cycle on the farm and the role that our chickens play.

  • Stories for Sprouts and Seedlings: The Amazing Life Cycle of Plants

    Published on June 17, 2020

    Read "The Amazing Life Cycle of Plants" in the 4-H Children's Garden with Miss Jessica.

  • "What's U.P. @ UPREC?" May 20, 2020, Planting oats

    Published on June 2, 2020

    The UPREC crew plants oats, oats/peas using the no-till seeder. They also calibrate the seeder between crops.

  • Houseplants with Sayde Heckman

    Published on April 10, 2020

    On our April 10, 2020 Cabin Fever Conversation, we chatted with Sayde Heckman about her love of houseplants (and her current collection of 138 houseplants!).

  • Landscape Management at MSU IAT/Southwestern Michigan College

    Published on February 8, 2018

    The Landscape Management program provides training for students to select, use, and manage landscape plants and lawns.

  • Landscape Management -- Northwestern Michigan College

    Published on November 28, 2017

    The Landscape Management program provides training for students to select, use, and manage landscape plants and lawns.

  • Smart Gardening: Native Plants

    Published on July 10, 2014

    Smart Gardening series covering native plants.

  • Butterflies in the Garden Virtual Tour

    A virtual tour of the Indoor 4-H Children's Garden and Butterflies in the Garden.

  • New for 2020: Smart Gardening: When and How to Prune Ornamental Plants - 1-Minute Version

    There are many reasons to prune ornamental plants. Watch this 1-minute Smart Gardening video from Michigan State University Extension to learn more about when and how to prune ornamental plants in your landscape.

  • ID and Control Unwanted Trees and Shrubs

    Video shows how to ID the most common invasive trees and shrubs and their control methods. These plants are already in Wisconsin or close to its border. Mechanical, chemical, and other practices are discussed. This presentation was part of the 2020 maple meeting for the Wisconsin Maple Producers Association.

  • Smart Gardening to Deter Deer

    How to deal with deer damage in your yard or garden with three Smart Gardening Tips: (1) Choose SMART plants that deer do not like; (2) Apply SMART repellants to deter deer; and (3) Create SMART barriers to block deer.